Museum marvels, really big spaceships, where conspiracy theories for dummies come from and more in this week’s news roundup

SpaceX briefly constructs the world’s tallest rocket.  SpaceX “stacked” its starship vehicle atop a super-heavy Falcon first stage at their Texas launch facility, making it briefly resemble the “rocket fields” we all read about in the fifties.

Let the Race Begin!  Virgin Galactic is holding a contest to win two seats into “space”

Akiva Goldman, author of the third book – to – movie script based on Matheson’s I Am Legend novel – has assured vacuous vaccine heads that one of their favorite conspiracies never happened.  He knows, because he wrote it for Will Smith!

Stephen King weighed in on Dumb DeSantis (Florida’s Governor) while interviewed by Stephen Colbert

(Maybe that’s the secret.  Famous Steve’s always seem to use the “ph” spelling….)

As if the Internet wasn’t doing enough to support creepiness already, new “deep fake”  program renders nude versions of any image of a female it is provided.  And there is not a similar version for doing the same with images of guys (making this both creepy AND discriminatory).  Someone needs to hack the hack and make sure it replaces all body parts with other body parts.

More SpaceX.  Here, take THAT FAA Regulators!  Sometimes, Elon seems to go a bit too far in attempting to emulate D.D. Harriman of Heinleinian fame.  Heinlein was fond of bureaucrats attempting to stop progress in the name of paper-pushing, only to be defeated by that very same progress.  Harriman’s board tried to keep him from space;  in Destination Moon the launch is stopped by court order, but the papers aren’t delivered in time and in Rocketship Galileo, similar events take place.  The difference between those fictional characters and the very real Elon Musk?  Elon actually has enough money to buy off any bureaucrat, enough money for lawyers to tie up negative actions until the end of time and more than enough money to move his entire operation to somewhere where bureaucrats can’t stymie his operation.  Harriman had a fight on his hands, while Elon simply has PR opportunities.

Steven H (no period!) Silver sent along this image:  it is the first thing you see when visiting Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry’s Marvel Universe of Super Heroes exhibit;  Amazing Stories certainly inspired many Marvel authors and artists, but is not directly a part of that franchise.  Interesting to see the connection made at a museum though!

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