AMAZING NEWS – 6-9-2019

Siri helps wth traffic stops, Kelly Freas paints, RAH gets memorialized, neural networks name cats, B+N sold, ISS sold, Sativa and the Trip Outs return, new species of hummingbird unveiled….


Cosplay is NOT Consent

Social Media info now a component of US Visa Application Background Checks

Major Anti-Trust Investigation Targets Tech Giants

When They See Us series prompts boycott of former prosecutor’s books

List of Companies Backing Anti-Abortion Politicians

Albright – Don’t ignore fascism’s rise until it is too late

THIS Is How Awesome Health Care can be in country’s that have universal health care

RUN!  Buy survival gear!  Dig a shelter!  quit your job and concentrate on survival – an asteroid has a 1 in 7299 chance of coming close to Earth

Trump Admin Bans Rainbow Flags at EmbassiesMany Embassies Defy the Directive


Ten Best Trek Episodes of All Time (someone should do a roundup of all the historical posts titled “the ten best Trek Episodes of all Time”….) Actually – mini ST editorial – I’m partial to TOS and am thinking that if someone mashed up Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever with Gerrold’s The Trouble With Tribbles (The Trouble With Tribbles in the City On The Edge Of Forever) we’d have an unassailable best Trek Episode of All Time, no more ten best lists needed ever again.  What happens is, see, that a lab tribble goes for the trip along with McCoy (it was in his pocket), Edith finds the tribble as it is giving birth and, following an incident at the soup kitchen, realizes that tribbles could feed millions for pennies.  Meanwhile….

Speaking of Bests – Here’s a “Best Aquaman Cosplay – Evah”

Suchartikul and GRRM on the Cover

Why reading a book is better than reading the internet

Great Art – Snow White as Boba Fett

The Scottish Hummingbird

Science Fiction Authors Predict the Future (yes, they do – it’s part of the job)

Dutch and Flemish Fans, You Have a Website

Magic the Gathering tapped for TV show

Gaiman shuts down Good Omens troll

Gorn’s invade Eagle’s Song


Barnes and Noble SOLD

NY Times Kicks Off Op-Eds From the Future with piece by Ted Chiang

The Return of the Greenwich Village Trilogy announced – matched set from Dover Press

Rich Handley gets gig with Eaglemoss graphic novels

Amazing Stories is picking up some attention

The State of Black Science FIction draws our attention to the golden age of black horror films 

Blacktasticon 2020 is prepping

FREE TAFF related E-Books

Kelly Freas Painting

Compuserv Coverage of RAH Passing


ISS Now Open to Tourism

Watch the world burn – timeline of global temperatures

A shadowy phenomena

Rotating Black Holes Might Be Portals for Hyperspace Travel (hey physicists, catch up, will ya!?)

This month is a good time to look at Jupiter

Neural Networks (try to) create names for cats

Siri can now help record encounters with police at traffic stops

‘Mutant’ strain of fact-resistant humans threatens species’ survival

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