Allegiance now streaming; Boeing Starliner’s window falls off; Quatermas; David Brin, more

David Brin’s latest

Star Wars vs Star Trek…in Salon

Correcting the record, with a chisel (EA Poe)

Everyone wants to be a member of the Howard family

Helicopter catches rocket in mid-air (just like my friends and I used to try and catch our Estes Model Rockets before they face-planted)

Sad but true – Kimmel’s audience members know Star Wars better than US History

Avengers Assemble – to change cinema forever

Some discourse on John Brunner

History of Abortion

Publishing needs more YA Science Fiction

Quatermas:  BBC’s other science fiction series

Space Kats Prefer Soylent Green

Starliner loses window cover on its way to launch pad

We could be living in a linked, dual reality, system.  Sheets of Graphine that make moire patterns say so

RIP George Perez

Panshin update

George Takei’s Allegiance now streaming

BBC Announces the New Dr. Who

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AMAZING NEWS: 9-10-2017

Dr. Jerry Pournelle passed away 9/8/2017.  He was a major influence on the field in many ways – his fiction, his collaborations, his generosity, his service.  He could be prickly, he could be intimidating, he could be sympathetic.  Whether one agreed or disagreed with his many and varied positions on all manner of subjects, he always argued the facts.

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