Protests take their toll on storied bookstores; copyfight, John Cleese, more

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John Cleese delivers keynote address to Concellation

Space Force premieres on Netflix

Handley to resume Star Trek column at HeroCollector

Copyfight coming

Social Distancing Flair

Capricon Panel on Empire Strikes Back

SF Authors Discuss the Pandemic

Speaking of Nnedi:  She REALLY wants everyone to know that she writes AfricanFuturism, a specific term that is different from Afrofuturism, and not be confused with it – especially not in reviews.  And she has a new release coming in August.

This Tuesday, Jack Dann at the NYRSFR  He’s also on the Coode Street Podcast. Fans helping with cleanup and fundraising

Bookstores Looted, Vandalized, Burned in Protests

Want to do more than say tsk tsk tsk?  Here’s some suggestions

In case you were wondering, Starman is here


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