Short, but interesting, news this week

NOTE: We’re light on news this week as preparations for AmazingCon have been prioritized. Please visit and consider signing up.

Long “lost” tape recording reveals that Tolkein was, in fact, a hobbit.  Recording includes the reading of a poem in Elvish

Enjoy this image gallery of Australian fans and cons. (No, you don’t have to turn the screen upside down.  FB does that automatically.)

Jane Roe admits she was paid by the religious right to become an anti-abortion activist.

Justice League is getting a Snyder Cut.  (No, that’s not when you stick a bowl on someone’s head and trim along the bottom.)

Fan Films releases a funky trailer for Interlude, a Trek film

Robot Sheeple Herders, or so some critiques would have us believe.  (A little “baaing” practice might not be out of order though.)

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