AMAZING NEWS: 5-20-2018

Martian aerostats, the coming revolution, Nebula Awards and a new Grand Master, a retro-futurist kitchen and music sets the stage for Afrofuturism


Grand Master

Award Winners!

Conference Video (including a pretty cool presentation of the state of the market)


Facebook Suspends 2000+ Apps for Misuse of Data

Moral Rot and America

Brin on Money and Revolution


The Collected Captain Future from Haffner Press

Galactic Journey Finds Something Good in May ’83 issue of Amazing Stories

Margot Kidder – Superman’s Lois Lane – 1948-2018

Heinlein Kitchen, 1951

The Cosmos

Yaney or Laurel?

Pick Your Interstellar Travel Mode

Entertainment?  Maybe Not.  Murderbots and Preventing the Robo/AI pocalypse

Handmaid’s Tale:  The Most Brutal Show on Television

The Convergence of Surreal Cover Art and Science Fiction (via Ruby Kapture)


Fantastic Books Announces Anthology Kickstarter:  Release the Virgins!

Alex Shvartsman’s Future Science Fiction Magazine’s Debut Issue

Heliosphere 2018 Announces Laura Antoniou as GoH

Haffner Press Announces Final Collection of Leigh Brackett Short Stories

Janelle Monae’s Albums Are Charting an Afrofuturist Future (via Ruby Kapture)

Earliest Alphabet Discovered (Kinda need one to write)

Anti-Religious Bias Almost Scuttled the Big Bang Theory

Fans Are Trying to SAVE THE EXPANSE!

Chinese SF New Year

SF Concatenation, Summer 2018


Invasion of the Deadly Moon Dust

Chinese Private Aerospace Firm Reaches Orbit

Asteroid Passes Between Earth and Moon, and You Didn’t Notice

Probability of Alien Existence Increases

Theory Suggests How Life Started in Primordial Soup

Shades of Happy Gilmore:  “I eat pieces of sun like you for breakfast.”  “You eat sun for breakfast?”

Mars Copter, Coming to a Syrtis Major Near You

Volcano Vid

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