Bozo the clown! New Star Trek! SpaceX Docking Simulator! Book sales!

SPECIAL NOTE:  AmazingCon® is coming June 12-14.  It’s FREE.  It will feature some of your favorite authors reading from their stories (42 in all!), three writing workshops focusing on specific tricks of the trade, panels on fun, funny and informative topics and more.  It even has a T-shirt and a Mascot!  (Registration is free, but is also required.)

Who Knew?  NOBODY knew that reading science fiction and fantasy help young readers engage effectively with the world.

You’ve read the review, now you can pre-order Robert Sawyer’s latest – The Oppenheimer Alternative

Remember that Lunar Lander video game?  It’s been updated.  Now you can try to dock a capsule with the ISS using an online version of the actual docking simulator.  (Me?  I used to turn the LEM upside down and auger in to the Lunar surface in a SPECTACULAR fashion!)

Arcmanor Books (The Pursuit of the Pankera) is having a May sale

NASFiC 2020 Cancelled.

Bozo the Clown has a sky rocket ship.  He uses it to travel the world, introducing kids to stereotypes of the inhabitants of different nations.  (Pretty grim in places.)

Black Gate magazine throws a little retro love towards Keith Laumer.

The African Speculative Fiction Society announces award nominations.

Not only is John Scalzi an NYTimes Best Selling Author, now he’s got one of those NYT illustrations of his head too!

New Star Trek series green lit, and another one coming as well!  (Mini Editorial:  When I was a young fan and watching Star Trek, The Original Series – of course it wasn’t called that back then.  We just called it “Star Trek” – during its first syndication run, I used to dream that there was an All Star Trek, All of the Time channel, where I could watch entire seasons back-to-back.  That dream has almost come true.  Now I’m thinking:  sometimes kids have strange ideas.)

Paul Levinson talks catching up on TV series you may have missed on Bob Mann’s Hot Media podcast

The Guardian supplements Lloyd Penney’s monthly roundup of new releases

NESFA Press announces a physical book sale

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