AMAZING NEWS: 5-13-2018

Boston Dynamics’ robots available soon; alzheimer’s research crowd sourcing, Groot, SNL treatment of Handmaids, Chinese superhero comics, more.

SPECIAL NOTE:  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! to all Fannish Moms and Moms of Fans.  Truly, without moms, there would be no Fandom.  (No species either, but we’re being a little self-centered with out celebration.)


It is possible to leave hate behind; former racist talks the talk

Amazon is Holding a City Hostage

Cannes Red Carpet: Women Protest for More Opportunity


Groot’s Vocabulary Expands at the end of Infinity War

Luke Spills the Beans on Solo

“If I could talk to the eldritch horrors…” Limited Edition Dr. Cthulittle

Marvel Introduces Chinese Superheroes

SNL Spoofs Handmaid’s Tale


SFWA Space Book Bundle Ends in 18 Days

Ad Free StarShipSofa

Some Critics Think Infinity War’s Ending Fell Flat (maybe just the ashes?)

Business Insider Click Bait:  :Historian Says Most SF is Flawed Except for Brave New World (via Ruby Kapture)
(Mini-Editorial: Historian and author Michael Bess delivers a speech in which he presents the “Jetson Fallacy”, suggesting that only Huxley’s novel presents a future in which all of humanity is altered genetically.  Our take:  sounds like Historian Bess should stick to history, as he is obviously woefully unfamiliar with science fiction.  Fred Pohl’s Day Million serves as an excellent exemplar; Haldeman’s Forever War presents future humanity as one monolithic clone.  The “Jetson Fallacy” is the fallacious belief that you can base a theory about SF literature on Saturday morning cartoons and bad films.)


GIGO Becomes Fatal, software to blame for Uber crash

Runaway Robot:  Boston Dynamic’s Atlas can now run:

Spotmini May Soon Be For Sale

Robopocalypse is Inevitable

Participate in an Alzheimers Research Program


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