AMAZING NEWS: 4-30-2017

Only one item this week, but its a big one.

Formal news this week – none.  We’ve not yet managed to replenish the coffers with interesting tidbits.

Of informal note however is – Voting for the Hugo Award Finalists has begun.  If you are eligible to vote and have not yet received notification, please contact the appropriate folks on the committee over at Worldcon75.

It’s going to be interesting this year as we gauge the effects that EPH have/will have.

Many of us have already determined that in addition to EPH – which appears to have worked largely as advertised – we still need to implement 3SV, the adjustment to nomination that allows all voters to look at the top 15 nominees in each category and determine whether they are each works worthy of inclusion on the final ballot.

Given the continuing presence of…mmmm…problematic… works on the final ballot this year, it seems self-evident that we need the ability to move “No Award” further forward in the process, if only to prevent unworthy items from forever being enshrined as a nominee.

One more year folks.  If 3SV is ratified in Helsinki this year, this will be the last year we will have to put up with puppy shenanigans at this level.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. I’m hoping that at some point in the future we can have a business meeting vote to retroactively REMOVE those works from the official listing…or at least place an asterisk next to them!

  2. Well said, indeed. Appearing on the final ballot of the Hugos used to be a mark of quality; now the reader who wants to use that ballot as a reading list must exercise some discretion.

    I keep a detailed spreadsheet of all the fiction winners and finalists in the Hugos, but in recent years I admit a certain resentment at having to record some of the selections in this way.

    It’s disappointing that there were no novella and short story winners in 2015 … I would be in favor of putting those categories up for Retro Hugos at some future date.

    The losing finalists will always appear in reference works and databases for future reference. They ought to be worthy of that honor.

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