Deadpool, Superman at 80, plastic eating enzymes, robots master Ikea, and a special WOTF roundup

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SF Fandom Has Its Roots in Socialism

Science Ignoramus Approved by Congress to Run NASA  (Cities to be dismantled to provide steel for “Venus Vacation Rockets”)

Trump:  Putting Sex Workers Back on the Street

More Thoughts on Why Some People Hate Zuckerberg

One of the First Female Navy Pilots Saves the Day

Grief is Bad Enough Without Robots Emulating Dead People


Re-Telling of Kushiel’s Dart on the Way

Blue is Back!  Jurrassic Park Trailer

Superman Just Turned 80

Deadpool Isn’t 80…but he does have a new trailer (got one hard laugh from me at the end)

Wendy Pini Cover Illo

The Brain Goes Mecha

Swedish SF Author Remembered

Ash vs Evil Dead is No More

1963 Issue of Amazing Stories Just Barely Cutting It


Kurrent Kerfuffle Korral

SF Romance Brigade News

District of Wonders Has Podcasts!

One “Conservative” Author’s View of “SJW” Conventions

Backing a Backer:  Check Out This Kickstarter for Omega 1 – Hacker Wars comic

Best Translated Book Awards Longlist

SFWA April Market Report


 “Winning WOTF was Guilt-Inducing”

WOTF Anthologies – May NOT Be Selling As Well As You Think CoS Members Bulk Buying Books?

Tweets About This and Advice for New Writers Before Entering and Former Winner Says “Don’t Do It!”

Walk Away From WOTF

Hines Archived Commentary on WOTF

Background on the Company That Owns WOTF, More

More Insight into CoS Practices

Connections Revealed Between WOTF & Scientology and ‘Same Same’ from Years Before

Video Coverage of Event 2018 Winners Intro and Award Ceremony

Selling off Bridge Publications…

 Scalzi Opines

How the Contest is Presented to the Public

Past and Present Writing Contest Judges

Past and Present Illustrator Contest Judges

Scientology “Levels” pages WARNING: Reading this document could lead to permanent cognitive dissonance….


Plastic Eating Enzyme Could Save the Oceans…or…

Online Appearance Disappointment is Leading to More Plastic Surgery

Robot Assembles Ikea Chair:  World Bows Before Robot Masters

Hubble Lagoon Nebula Fly By (Watch Full Screen)

And When You’re Done Oooing and Aaaaing, Hubble Orion Nebula Fly By (Watch Full Screen)

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