AMAZING NEWS: 4-2-2017

Resistance Robots, Buster Crabbe, yet another Spider-Man, conventions…

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Hugo Finalists Will Be Announced on 4-4-17


Not All Robots Want To Take Over:  Meet Resistbot!

Old School Journalist Schools New School Talking Head

Johansson Defends Ghost

Hugo Nominee Uses Fiction to Pound Trump’s Butt

Cards Against Humanity to Purchase Pol’s Internet Data & Make Public


Michael Walsh IS the Super Video Ranger!

Yet Another Spider-Man Reboot

History of SF Poster Kickstarter (featuring Amazing Stories) (not really)

My Buddy Buck, I mean Flash, I mean Rogers, I mean Gordon

Speaking of Gordon…Batgirl!

Rogue One Sequel (big surprise)

Transgressive Tales by Aliens

Gonad the Barbarian (MidAmeriCon 1976)

17 Best Pulp SF Books

David Hardy Wanted Help Identifying His Illo, and he got it

Letter from Harry Bates


StarShipSofa 500 Coming Soon



Art Collector Talks About Art Collection (famous legacy stuff)

Scalzi Promptly sells TV rights for Collapsing Empire.  Some folks probably not happy with all of his success.

FANAC Offers Fantasy Newsletter Scans

U of Liverpool SF Literature Hub

Lunacon Programming Shaping Up


Catch a Glimpse of Mercury

Your Tax Dollars at Work:  NASA Space Porn

Elon Musk Wants To Hyperloop Your Brain (so that it lands by itself after taking off)

Elon looks down at the shuttle held in Nasa’s hand:  “That’s not a re-usable spaceship”.  Elon pulls a Falcon 9 out of his back pocket.  “Now that’s a re-usable rocket!”

No Big Bang?

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