AMAZING NEWS: 3/22/15: The Northeast is STILL waiting for spring to sprung

Creepy Barbie is back; a Nova becomes naked-eye visible; Amazon drones will soon fly; Astronauts prepare for 1 year mission in space; more. Lots more!


Nothing special going on…that we can talk about yet.  Br’er Rabbit says “please don’t let wondering about that hint keep you up at night…”

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Norwescon News; Suvudu; Night Shade


ALA’s Code of Conduct

How Books Work (Great Piece of Art!)

David Gerrold on Sad Puppies

Female Thor Outselling Male Thor (related?  Sales of A Doctor for the Enterprise are about 50/50 gender-wise)

Cruz Explains Non-Science

Gloria Steinem:  Black Women Invented Feminism


Video Interview with Rick Sternbach

SF Grows Up, According To This Old School Newspaper Article and Early Moonshot

33 Comics From Marvel Are Going….

FLASH!  AAA AAAAAAAA 2…Pitiful Earthlings

Welcome To Night Vale Taking Over the Book World

More Age of Ultron

Ellison Shows Off…His Comics

New Stills From Genysis

Interview with Wonder Woman

Spock Helps Kirk & McCoy Forget the Star Wars Prequels (too bad he’s gone – we could all use that treatment!)

Parent Terrified of Barbie Who Remembers What Their Kids Say

ISS Crew Dresses As Jedi Knights for Official Photo

14 oclockINDUSTRY

Report:  Number of Trade Shows Annually in US

Ib Melchior Passes

Pink Narcissus Press Call for Submissions

Classic Pulp Reprints 2015 Slate

We Missed It:  A Couple of Days Ago, The Earth Stood Still

Post-Apocalyptic Book Bundle (If it were really post-apocalyptic, we’d just take the bundle)

Pulp 2.0 Re-Releases Spangler’s The Time Machine

Holly Lisle Resigns From SFWA – Open Letter

Norma K. Hemming Award Short List

Wondercon Schedule for 2015

Amazon Gets (Limited) Approval for Delivery Drone Tests

Who Is Watching Your Email?

Borderland Books Racks Up the Sponsors

Ellison’s Deathbird Stories On Sale

Blackgate Expanding Industry Coverage

How to Write Viral Long Form Articles (via Radish Reviews)

Chi-Fi A Bust?

Rhysling Award Candidates

Neil Clarke’s FOREVER Magazine

Nominations for Deutscher Science Fiction Preis

David Gerrold Releases 14 O’Clock


Perfect Launch of Four Satellites

Come On Waterworld!  Arctic Ice At Lowest Levels Yet

New Way to Manufacture Graphene Could Lead to Flexible Phones & Roll-Up TV Screens

One Year ISS Crew Set for Launch

Search for Asteroids with this App!

See a New Nova with the Naked Eye

New Alzheimer’s Therapy

Shrinking Habitats Affect World Ecosystems

Link Found Between Super-Nova Events and Planet Formation

NASA Challenge for Students:  Help Design Mars Mission

Could This Newly Discovered Mammal Replace LOLCats?

Service Bots Soon To Be Deployed In Hotels (As long as they don’t come to the door and say “Landshark”, I’m ok with this….)

ISS Transits the Sun During Eclipse

Steadman – First Female Mercury Candidate – Passes



Norwescon 38
Distant Horizons, Epic Adventures

Write out of this World
Norwescon, a proud supporter of EMP Museum’s Write out of this World writing contest, is excited to announce in conjunction with EMP the winners of the contest on March 18th.  You can see the winners by visiting us on the Norwescon Outreach page or by visiting EMP’s Write out of this World webpage.

Vampire: The Masquerade – V20 LARP
Emerald City Chronicles presents: Vampire: The Masquerade – V20 LARP – Pride Goeth Before the Spring
The year is 1919. The steamy industrial magic of the Victorian age is coming to a final, grasping end in frontier Seattle, giving way to an era that will be ruled by ruthless gangsters, flirtatious flappers, and bourbon-soaked speakeasies. You are Kindred, undead, vicious, and beautiful, and tonight is a night for intrigue. Join the court of Seattle on a unique night of blood, politics, and subterfuge. Join us in Maxi’s Ballroom on Friday 3 p.m.–8 p.m. for character generation and prelude (all ages) and Saturday from 10 p.m.–2 a.m. for the full game (21+ with ID).

GoH Autographs
Due to the unprecedented level of interest in our Writer Guest of Honor, we are having two additional signings in addition to our usual Saturday afternoon GoH autograph session, including one early on Thursday before most of our panels and events begin:Thursday 2 p.m.-3 p.m.    Evergreen 3&4
Friday 1 p.m.-2 p.m.   Grand 2
Saturday 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.  Grand 2 (joint signing with Artist GoH Julie Dillon)

Please be aware: Due to time constraints, we can permit only one signature per person, no personalization, and a strictly-enforced maximum of 375 people in line each day so everybody gets a chance for an autograph. And as always, Norwescon does not charge a fee for autographs.

Youth Track Needs Boxes!
Due to its extreme popularity last year, we are expanding the cardboardpocalypse known as Build & Destroy a City Kaiju Style! On Thursday from 3-6 p.m. in Olympic 1 is our kids-only session, and Saturday from 2-5 p.m. is our family session. And we need boxes to smash!Be a part of The Smashening! Please bring clean, odor-free, flattened boxes (2ft x 2ft x 2ft maximum, please!) to the next concom meeting on Saturday, March 14, at noon or to the Stuffing Party on Sunday, March 29, and the Programming department will take them off to storage. We’ll also have a collection area at the convention, to be announced at a later date.


Want to be notified when and where you can drop off your boxes at the con? Contact us through our web form.

Call for volunteers!  Our stuffing party will be held Sunday, March 29, 2015, at the SeaTac Doubletree starting at 11 a.m. and running until we are done.  If you have a yearning to stuff bags with flyers and goodies, this is the place to be!  Come join us for the fun and occasional impromptu sing along! 

For everyone interested in volunteering at the convention, please note that the Volunteer Lounge has changed locations this year.  We will be located in rooms 7106 and 7108.  Feel free to stop by any time and ask for a job or just hang out.  Hours will be posted by the door.

First Page Idol wants YOU!
Feeling brave and bold? Send us your novel or story’s first page to be read aloud and critiqued by pros. Must attend First Page Idol panel to participate. Deadline midnight the day before. One entry per author. (Email to:

Music CDs on sale in Art Show
The Norwescon Art Show in conjunction withnwcMusic is pleased to announce that we will be selling music CDs of our performing musicians in the Art Show.  The following groups are confirmed to be participating this year: 9k1 feat. Shubzilla, Death*Star, Leannan Sidhe, PDX Broadsides, Kadesh Flow, Starlight.Be sure to stop by to pick up a CD from your favorite group.

Membership Registration and Badge Pick Up
Membership pre-registration for Norwescon 38 closes March 28th. Membership is just $70 for the full four-day membership until pre-registration closes.  A full four-day membership will be $75 at the door. 

You may also choose to register at kiosks when you arrive and then visit our friendly cashier to pay for your membership and receive your badge.


Pre-registered (fully paid) members may skip the registration line and present their receipt at badge pick up.


The Membership Services team will sent an email about 2 weeks prior to the convention with instructions on how to retrieve the appropriate paperwork and what to do when you get onsite.  We suggest you add to email whitelist/spam filter so that our instructional will reach your inbox. Members who do not have their receipt when they arrive at the convention may print a receipt at the registration kiosks.


Thank you, the Registration Team looks forward to greeting you at Norwescon 38!


In This Issue:From the Desk of Alan Smale | Cover Revealed for Three Moments of An Explosion by China Mieville | Cage Match 2015: Women Warriors Continues! | 50 Page Fridays Recap
Clash of Eagles

From the Desk of
Alan SmaleDear Readers,

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about … the Plunge.

I learned to swim when I was twelve years old, which means I can still remember what it’s like not to not have that particular skill. To flounder in the water with no clue how to keep myself afloat or make any forward movement. Even once I was a proficient swimmer, I still had difficulty jumping in.

On the edge of the pool I used to say to myself, Just take the Plunge. The water won’t get any warmer while you stand here.

The Plunge takes many forms. I still remember the night before I left England. I had my bags packed, my ticket in hand. Up to that point my entire experience of the United States consisted of a brief visit to Los Angeles, and a half-day layover in Miami after a six-week trip to Chile and Peru. This was during the Pinochet years in Chile, and at the time there was also civil rest in Lima, Peru, with armored cars on every street corner. But somehow Miami felt more dangerous and oppressive to me than either of the South American countries had. I sensed violence there, just below the surface…

Read the rest of Alan’s letter >>

Cover Revealed for Three Moments of An Explosionby China Mieville

The cover has been revealed for China Mieville’s Three Moments of An Explosion. This forthcoming short-story collection features twenty-eight stories, including twenty-one brand new stories. Three Moments of an Explosion is on-sale August 4, 2015.

See the awesome cover and read a full synposis >>

Cage Match 2015: Women Warriors Continues!
Cage Match 2015

Cage Match 2015 continues this week with Round Three!

Vote for your favorites and follow the action >>

50 Page Fridays Recap
Each week we’re giving away the first 50 pages of an awesome Del Rey or Spectra book – for FREE!  Check out the titles we’ve premiered in the last month:
The Skull Throne
The Skull Throne
by Peter V. Brett
Clash of Eagles
Clash of Eagles
by Alan Smale
Altered Carbon
Altered Carbon
by Richard K. Morgan
SUVUDU Universe
Suvudu Universe

Are you a writer looking for more exposure for your blog or website? Or trying to find a platform to amplify your voice on all things SFF? Join the Suvudu Universe. You can hook up your existing site’s RSS feed, create a new blog just for us, or contribute straight through our dashboard.
Check out SUVUDU Universe >>
Sign up to contribute to the Universe >>



22nd of March 2015


A young boy’s dreams of glory and war turn into a bitter nightmare as his father’s kingdom is overrun by an invading army. Lost and alone in the woods, he finds an ancient sword that promises him the ability to claim his vengeance. As he begins to take that vengeance, he comes to realize the price that the sword will demand of him. Enemies soon become allies and strange bedfellows abound as the prophesies of an age swirl into chaos… read more   





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