AMAZING NEWS: 12/12/21

Last Chance to Vote for Winnipeg in 2023; Pluto and Saturn, sniper-rifle armed robodogs, Warp Bubbles, Matrixes and Spider-Verses….

More from the Spider-Verse

and More from the Matrix

Cool 3D material is flexible yet strong

Two Hour Documentary “Triumph at Saturn” chronicles JPL’s Cassini Mission

Most mispronounced words of 2021

“Influencing” may not extend to “Book Reading”…or…Marketing doesn’t have all of the answers?

Warp Bubble Created (fans of Alcubierre shiver with anticipation)

Some people are still arguing over Pluto

Adjacent:  The Best Sherlock Holmes Portrayals of All Time (Basil Rathbone is only #2!)

Fox News XMas Tree Set on Fire (Think the tree was mistaken for pants?)

Robotic Dog Now With Sniper Rifle Action!  (It’s not autonomous, but it could be soon)

No subtitles in West Side Story

Clarion Workshop now accepting applications

US will ban Chinese goods made with forced labor;  Diplomatic Ban on Olympics as well

MINI EDITORIAL:  Word on the street is that there are as many as 800 registered Worldcon members from China with the right to vote in this year’s Site Selection, which will determine the location of the 2023 Worldcon.  Given the relatively low voter participation in site selection, that makes it look like a lock when it comes to voting for 2023.
I urge you to vote for Winnipeg instead.
China is engaged in genocide against several ethnic minorities in its country and is using a variety of means to cover this up on the international stage.
Just as they have used their influence over films distributed in China, businesses in China and even sports played in China, so too will this regime use an even like Worldcon to polish its image and distract from what it is really doing.  China’s win does not have to be a forgone conclusion.

Planet originally thought impossible found

The title says it all:  WTF Did I Just Watch?

Adjacent:  Michael Nesmith of the Monkees has passed

We’ve Hear This One Before:  Lightsails will take us to the Stars!

Fossil Footprints push human presence in North America back to 21,000 years ago

TAFF 2022 Begins


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