Space debris, Boskone participants, Spider-Man and more

Boskone 59 Announces Participants Lineup

Russian ASAT Makes Space Dangerous for ISS:  Russia not taking responsibility

Poached?  Hardboiled?  Scrambled?  Large clutch of “herd” dino eggs uncovered

Spider-Man No Way Home trailer

Wormholes may be stable after all.  (Flying monkeys issuing forth from unusual places may not be far behind…pun very much intended)

Get some sense of the scale of the universe with this video

First FAOC to tour ISS (Female Astronaut of Color)

Byzantine grave discovery in Israel is…Byzantine

Award-Winning Director comes down hard on superhero movies

34 Years of Downloading Japanese Anime Demons

If not for Reagan….

Foundation concludes, critics have a few things to say

Great Cosplay!

Lets take a longer look at Rorschach

Great books that are secretly science fiction…or fantasy…or speculative fiction…or maybe someone doesn’t have a clue

Sometimes we wish that 1930s future was our future, like the one where we get to ride in a Futureliner

46 Trans and Non-binary people were killed in the US this past year


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