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Lots of Heinlein; Ellison, Shirley, Bacigalupi, Ta Nehisi-Coates; book bundles, specials and more!


Due to the temporary unavailability of internet access at the new Amazing HQ, communications (email, Facebook, twitter, etc.,) will be spotty and delayed. This temporary situation should resolve by October 14th, 2015. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


“On October 5th, Audible Studios will release LOCKE & KEY, the ambitious audio dramatization of the bestselling, award-winning graphic novel series by acclaimed novelist Joe Hill, narrated by Tatiana Maslany and Haley Joel Osment with special appearances from Kate Mulgrew, the graphic novel’s illustrator Gabriel Rodriguez, and Joe Hill himself. The audiobook also features over 50 voice actors, state-of-the-art sound design, and an original score.”

Amazing Stories will feature a review of LOcke & Key on Tuesday, October 6th


NY Comic Con After Part by Geeks Out; LIghtspeed Magazine October Issue; Suvudu (includes Blizzard Entertainment news); Harlan Ellison Books; Arc Manor Phoenix Picks (Heinlein); RPG Newsletter; Night Shade Books – John Shirley; Night Shade Books – Paolo Bacigalupi


White Poet Poses as Asiana Responsethe Editor Responds

What Men REALLY Don’t Know About Women (via Laura J. Mixon on FB)

Some Thoughts on Diversity in Genre


Help Solve the Mystery:  Who Performed Ballet on the Set of Heinlein’s Destination Moon?

Heinlein’s Man Who Sold the Moon to be Adapted for TV

Philip K. Dick Book Bundle! (via Pat Murphy on FB)

Free Books From TAFF (Don’t forget to donate)


Lady Business:  Study of Gender Discrimination in Genre Publishing (cool stuff, great stuff!)

Ta Nehisi-Coates MacArthur Genius, 2015

Random Penguin Introduces New Way to Buy Books in the 21st Century

WSFS Sasquan Business Meeting Minutes Complete


Learning to Walk on the Moon 60’s Style


Geeks OUT
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SNIKT 4: A New York Comic Con After Party

Saturday, October 10th @ 9PM!

Geeks Unite!

SNIKT: The 4th annual Geeks Out NYCC after-party returns Saturday October 10th, 9pm at Rockbar 185 Christopher St!

Cosplay performances provided by All Geeksnational touring show with burlesque and drag numbers from geek culture. $5 cover. Follow #sniktNYC on facebook/ twitter/ instagram for performer and prize announcements!

Poster art by: Chad Sell

Find out more at and join the Facebook Event Page



SUVUDU Facebook Facebook

In This Issue:Dear Reader Letter | Blizzard Publishing Partnership with Random House | Coming Soon from HYDRA | 50 Page Fridays | Weekly Giveaway


From the Desk of C.A. Higgins

I get all my best ideas while brushing my teeth.

I’ve thought about it very deeply.  I considered that it might be some sort of chemical in the toothpaste.  I contemplated the idea that the repetitive act of brushing was somehow a kind of trigger to my psyche, like I am a brainwashed sleeper agent only waiting for the right code phrase.  But all of my theories are destroyed by the simple fact that I am not actually brushing my teeth when the ideas come.

Instead, I brush and braid my hair, I take out my contacts, I fumble around blindly in the cabinet for the toothbrush because I can no longer see and after knocking over the soap dispenser and the contact solution and having a near miss with my roommate’s toothbrush, I finally acquire my own.  Then, with the kind of deft hand-eye coordination and depth perception one would expect from a woman as nearsighted as I am, I manage to get the toothpaste on the brush.

And then the ideas come. Read the rest of C.A. Higgins’ letter >>

Blizzard Entertainment Announces Publishing Partnership with Random House
Coming Soon from HYDRA
Dark Screams: Volume Five
AVAILABLE October 6, 2015

Mick Garris, J. Kenner, Kealan Patrick Burke, Del James, and Bentley Little pry open a sarcophagus of horror and dread inDark Screams: Volume Five, from Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar of the esteemed Cemetery Dance Publications.

It was supposed to be the night of his life: a celebration of his one hit slasher flick. But the price of admission is higher than this has-been filmmaker ever could have imagined.

When he was seven, Will Underwood’s nanny told him she had the Sight. Years later, a broken heart sends him to New Orleans . . . but it’s fate that leads him to Madame Darkling’s Voodoo Emporium.

THE LAND OF SUNSHINE by Kealan Patrick Burke
Although she was mute long before the affair that nearly wrecked their marriage, her silence has tortured her husband ever since. Now he will seek out what he has lost—or be driven mad by remorse.

Arnold loves his ’68 Camaro almost as much as he loves his wife, and he’s willing to do anything to protect them both—especially after hearing strange noises coming from his garage.

THE PLAYHOUSE by Bentley Little
A real-estate agent is drawn into a children’s playhouse behind an abandoned property she’s trying to sell—and finds herself strangely reluctant to leave.
$2.99 eBook | More Information >>

50 Page Fridays Recap
Each week we’re giving away the first 50 pages of an awesome Del Rey or Spectra book – for FREE! Check out the titles we’ve premiered in the last month:
by C. A. Higgins
Read 50 Pages >>
Win a Free Early Copy of an Upcoming Book!
Every week we’re giving away a new galley edition of an upcoming book – see what you could win this week!
Check out This Week’s Giveaway >>


Use the discount code BTPCVVMA for 33% off all
in-print BRAIN MOVIES titles in October 2015.
As some of you might be aware, Harlan Ellison is a special guest at Archon 39 in Collinsville, IL this weekend (2-4 October 2015).

Long-time subscribers to this e-newsletter know that we at HarlanEllisonBooks.comlike to celebrate our patron’s infrequent public appearances with a little extra discount–something to entice the folks who witness Harlan’s antics in person for the first time to try our publications.​ So, for the rest of October 2015, we’re offering 33% off the in-print editions of BRAIN MOVIES Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

At checkout, use the discount code BTPCVVMA to get any of our six BRAIN MOVIES books for $33.49 plus shipping; that’s $6.50 off our usual discounted price, and $16.50 off the list price (or $99 off the whole set of six).

Click through to and remember the discount codeBTPCVVMA for 33% off all Harlan’s BRAIN MOVIES.

Catch up before I announce BRAIN MOVIES Volume 7, containing one of Harlan’s most sought-after feature-length teleplays, one both he and I consider to be among his best…

…and if you’re at Archon, visit Harlan and Susan. They’ve got a wealth of Ellisonia on offer, including a few of our non-BRAIN MOVIES titles.

This discount code is only valid at (powered by CreateSpace) and will not work on, or any of its affiliates. This discount code cannot be combined with any other offer, though the usual $10 off WILL be applied to any books not part of this current promotion.





Dear Readers,

Phoenix Pick/Galaxy’s Pick will be at Capclave in the Dealers Room. Do come by and say hi.

An omnibus of the first three issus of Galaxy’s Edge will be offered exclusively on (Kindle) for $1.99 (regular price $9.99) from October 18th through October 20th (3 days only). This includes some great fiction by old veterans as well as new writers. Plus book reviews, columns and much more. Mark the dates to get an incrdible deal on some great fiction.


Our ebook of the month for October is Robert A. Heinlein’s Expanded Universe-Volume One


“The single most important and valuable Heinlein book ever published.Spider Robinson

Robert A. Heinlein has been hailed as one of the most forward-thinking science fiction writers of all time, andExpanded Universe (presented in two volumes) offers the perfect collection of his works to provide readers with true insights into his uniquely creative mind.

Heinlein personally selected each story or essay for inclusion in this collection, which is ordered chronologically, starting with his first sale in 1939 of “Life-Line” to Astounding (for seventy dollars).This remarkable collection highlights the development of Heinlein’s writing style and his philosophy on life throughout his career.

More importantly, this collection is as close to an autobiography as anything Heinlein wrote during his life. Heinlein was an extremely private person who never wrote much about himself. In this exclusive collection, he offers forewords to most of his stories and essays (and an occasional afterword), giving readers a rare glimpse into the inner mind of the master.

Expanded Universe is a must-have for any Heinlein enthusiast and any fan of science fiction.

“From “Life-Line” (1939), one of his earliest works, to a tale of adventure on the moon (“Nothing Ever Happens On the Moon”), this collection demonstrates the formidable talent and irascible perceptions of one of the genre’s most outspoken writers.”Library Journal

“This is the book I’ve always wanted from Heinlein.” John Bruni, GoodReads

The book will be offered on pay-what-you-want basis (including free). Other titles from  will also be offered in an associated bundle at a deep discount.

This deal will be available from now through October 31 and a link to the buy page can, as always, be found on our online catalogue page,

Or, you may go directly to the page using this link:


The latest issue of Galaxy’s Edge will be live till the end of October. All contents are free online till then.

Stories by:Effie Seiberg, David Drake, Alex Shvartsman, Marina J. Lostetter, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Sharon Joss, Brian Trent, Kimberly Unger, Kevin J. Anderson, Leena Likitalo, Sheila Finch
: Reboots by Mercedes Lackey & Cody Martin (Part 2)
Columns: Barry Malzberg, Gregory Benford    Book Reviews: Jody Lynn Nye & Bill Fawcett
Interview: Joy Ward Interveiews Connie Willis

Digital Click Here    Paper Click Here

PUB. DIRECT PDF    EPub/Nook   Mobi/Kindle

Till next month then.

Thank You and Good Day,

Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick


RPGnet Newsletter #23
September 29, 2015

New Columns

Robin D. Laws’ newest edition of The Keep Near the Gaming Hut“DramaSystem: The Rhythm of Ensemble” – examines how DramaSystem uses mechanics to encourage the players and GM to emulate an ensemble TV cast.

Kirk Johnson-Weider continued his Lawful GM series with a look at organized religion as a venue for political campaigns in “PCs as Pontiffs.”

This week also featured the publication of another RPGnet interview, this one of Joseph McCullough of popular new minis game Frostgrave.

Jonathan Hicks also posted a new edition of Oberservations from a Gamer’s Chair, this one looking at the problem of absentee players: “The Invisible Man.”

New Reviews

This was another busy week on the Reviews front. In particular, Jonathan Hicks’s review of Gary Gygax biography Empire of Imagination is one to be sure not to miss.

Other new reviews last week were:

Threads You Might Have Missed

The last several years have seen an explosion of OSR/D&D retroclones. Yr. humble editor himself frequently has a hard time keeping them all straight. For a useful catalogue describing and differentiating these games, check out “Describe for Me the OSR Clones” over in Dungeons & Dragons / Fantasy D20 Spotlight.

Lots of factors need to line up to get an actual RPG session going: schedules, interest, venue, etc. As a result, lots of RPGers (and RPGnetters) end up reading a lot more RPGs than playing them. Yr. humble editor is no exception. If you – like me – have purchased more RPGs than you ever have hope of playing, share your perspectives in TRO at “I only read RPG’s.”

In many systems, a character’s ability to be scary is tied to a generalized “charisma” stat. THis presensts a problem: why is the smooth-talking con man scarier than the 10′ tall combat monster? For approaches to solving this problem, as well as some meditations on the concept of “Intimidation” as a skill, check out “The problem of Intimidate as a skill.”




4th of October 2015


Wyatt in Wichita fuses historical fact with fiction, following the adventures of the young Wyatt Earp. Following the tragic loss of his first wife in the Missouri of 1870 in his early days on the dark side of the West, Wyatt eventually makes his way to Ellsworth and Wichita, where by confronting corruption he would eventually finally… read more








4th of October 2015


Paolo Bacigalupi’s debut collection demonstrates the power and reach of the science fiction short story. Social criticism, political parable, and environmental advocacy lie at the center of Paolo’s work. Each of the stories herein is at once a warning, and a celebration of the tragic comedy of the human experience.

The eleven stories in Pump Six represent the best Paolo’s work, including the Hugo nominee “Yellow Card Man,” the nebula and Hugo nominated story “The People of Sand and Slag,” and the Sturgeon Award-winning story “The Ca… read more



Recipient of the Sturgeon Award, Paolo Bacigalupi’s writing has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, and the environmental journal High Country News. His non-fiction essays have appeared in and High Country News, and have been syndicated into numerous western newspapers… read more





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