Wow! weirdness and light this week in the news: plastic army women, Einstein up-ended, bra makers made spacesuits and if that isn’t weird enough, Cthulhu is picking a fight with Stephen King! Read on!


Spacesuits were Manufactured by Bra Makers!

Green Plastic Army Women are Bad Ass and Coming to a Toy Store Near You

Trump Admin Shuts Down HIV Vaccine Research Because Anti-Abortion Idiots

Design Suggestions

Trump Wants “Due Process”

Retired High Ranking Service Members Not Happy


A safe, comfy place

Did you know?  Now you have to address him as “Sir Michael…”

We want this ride installed in the lobby at every SF convention

Joke is on Joker:  Maleficient Tops Box Office

70s Cosplay was Awesome

May the Force Be With Your Tears for Leia

How Come They Don’t Have Promotions Like THIS Anymore?

Paul Levinson on HBO’s Watchmen

Giant Chain Saw Sculpture of a Giant Octopus

The Far Future as Envisioned in 1958

Thunder Force!  Pics from the Set


SF Fanzines and Comics Sales – major collection up for grabs on Ebay

Speaking of Fanzines:  Fanac Fan History Project Announcements

Science Fiction as a Lens into Future War

Cthulhu is NOT Happy Being Compared to Donald Trump:  Stephen King Better Hope He Doesn’t Awaken From His Slumber

Boskone 57 is Coming!  Stop on by and I’ll make you some coffee in the consuite!

Wesley Chu Announces New Series from Del Rey

Jerry Pournelle’s 4th Janissaries Novel Finally Being Released, (with Contributions from David Weber and Phillip Pournelle)

Rudy Rucker on Michael Blumlein

Sharon Lee Shares Some Notes on Her Recovery

Crowd Funding for Gary K. Wolf’s Killerbowl  (still waiting to be killed off in one of your stories, Gary…)


Ultrasound Treatments for Parkinsons

NASA Orders More “Moon Rocket” Engines

Sol System Family Portrait 1990

Writing with the Mind

Might Not Belong Here but, what the heck:  Operation, the Game, a bit more realistic than you may be familiar with

CERN Announces Neutrinos Traveling Faster Than Light:  Could Up-End Einstein’s Theory

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