AMAZING NEWS: 10-20-2019

Apollo pool party, political ads and social networking, an The Orville Shooting model, Zombieland & Ghostbusters, new Catwoman, Red Dwarf film, more

SPECIAL:  This is SO COOL we had to put it up top (even though it’s 8 years old):  Astronaut Cady Coleman, flying on the ISS and Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson Play a Duet


Targeted Political Ads Combined with Data Mining Could Be Undermining Our Democracy

Census Bureau Seeking Unnecessary Info From States

How Facebook and Amazon Profit From Private Data

New California Law May Impact Freelance Authors


Model Makers Unveil The Orville model, from The Orville

The Moon Gives Mars Some Advice

A Portrait of the Author at Work (Samuel R. Delany)

Early Version of Zombieland 2 Would Have Featured Ghostbusters Cast

Best Cancelled SF TV Show Award (Doesn’t go to Firefly)

Not Only Would THIS Be a Great Idea for a Film, the Poster Has a Great Pun

New Catwoman Announced – Joins Illustrious History of Live Action Catwomen
The Trailer for the Galaxy Quest Documentary

New Weird Tales Cover Pays Homage to Margaret Brundage

The Theremin is 100 Years Old

Dissing Science Fiction is, according to this cartoon, a long standing historical tradition

Red Dwarf Feature Film Greenlit


CanCon Awards Ceremony Video

Bob Shaw Book Project Looking for Help

Hollywood Talent is Leaving the Studios for Streaming Services in Droves

Spacewar:  A Chronicle of an Early Computer Game

Charleston Mayor and Author Cancels Appearance Owing to OS Card’s Presence at Book Festival, Citing the author’s anti-LGBTQ rantings

Filkers – Now You Can Cut Your Own Vinyl Records At Home

How To Moderate a Panel at a Convention

Post Ranks the Novels That Won Both Hugo and Nebula Awards.  No Ranking Needed!  They Won BOTH – Just Read Them!

How’d Magazine Pages Get Made Before Computers?  Some of Us Remember

Maura McHugh on the latest Scott Edelman Eating the Fantastic

International Astronautical Conference to Present Heinlein Awards


What’s it like to travel at 1.3 MILLION Miles Per Hour?  You’re doing it right now…


Royal Egyptian Industrial Complex Uncovered

Spiderbots heading to the Moon (Gonna hang out with the Tardigrades)

New NASA Spacesuits!

Virgin Atlantic Unveils New Spacesuits!

Whale Fall Attracts a Bunch of Octopi

That’s One Heck of a Pool Toy!

New Research Suggests Earth-Like Planets Are Common

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