AMAZING NEWS: 1/6/2019

We finally have an excuse for showing Bambi Meets Godzilla – and a scientific one at that! Geek Cred tests, RL mechas, Parts of Mickey Mouse now copyright free and oh so much more!


Tampon Review:  You don’t really know what’s in them

Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Plan Comes Under Fire from Pols Who Don’t Know Jack About Economics:  SF’s Own Economic Expert & Nobel Laureate Supports Her (You know, the one who was inspired by Asimov’s Foundation Series)

If You Insist on doing The Bird Box Challenge, eat a Tide Pod First

NYCC Panel Asks:  Does Your SF Have to be ‘woke’?


1/2/2019 Was National SF Day:  Geek Cred Checklist:  Have You Seen ALL of these Films?  (I’ve seen them all, plus all but 5 of this Rotten Tomatoes List)

Another website suggests you need to see these films for your geek cred

What One Former President Read Last Year

Black Science Fiction Society Profiles Airship Calendar

Review of LIve Wire #!

Fan Film Takes Us Where No Franchie Has Gone Before:  Mashes Up Multiple Universes

How to Insult Like the Bard

A wonderful gallery of images from the Athens Miniature Show:  Lots of Star Wars…but also just about every franchise imaginable is in there

Forbes Delves Into Star Tek Discovery

Slate’s Future Tense Offers More Fiction

2019’s Upcoming Genre Films

Entertainment?  SAC Apologizes for Bombing Tweet

How Close Were the Cinematic Predictions of 2019?

My Little Step Children Dolls

Avenger’s End Game Theory

Cavill’s Aquaman Impression:  add the Tick’s spoon and you can start a new super hero team called the Place Settings

11 SF Greats You Can Stream Right Now

Harry Mudd Returns in Star Trek Short

SAGA Announces Monstress

Mashed Up Villains


Black Speculative Arts Movements offers Celebrating the Women of Black Speculative Genre conference

Marvel’s Stan Lee Cover Tributes

Boskone Mini Interviews with Brad Abraham, Brenda Clough and Lisa Hertel

Worldbuilding vs Worldconjuring.  I didn’t even know conjuring was a real thing….

Open Call for Triangulation Anthology

Small Beer Press offers Sarah Pinsker’s Sooner of Later, Everything Falls Into the Sea

NYRSF Presents Rick Bowes’s 75th Birthday Celebration

New Release from Air and Nothigness Press: Cities of Dust, Planes of Light

Authors Wrestling with Post Trump Futures

The Verge Extols Forthcoming Novels

Mickey Mouse Will Soon Be in the Public Domain:  But Only Parts of Him

If O’Neil Cylinders Excite You, So Will These Novels

Star Trek via The Heroe’s Journey

Ken Liu’s Intro to a new anthology of Chinese Science Fiction


China Confirms:  No NAZI Base on Lunar Farside:  NASA suggests possible re-location to Ultima Thule

NASA Space Movies Archive & Database:  Apparently a Well-Kept Secret:  Hundreds of space flight related clips, many genre related references

Should this be under science?  Uhhh, sure.  Giant Mech Takes First Steps

Now Add Windows:  Musk Reveals more Starship Details

Being Too Cute Can Incite Aggression:  Something Those of Us Who Enjoy Watching Bambi Meets Godzilla Have Been Well Aware of for Quite Some Time:  Watch to see what we mean:

Forbes Suggests We Won’t Like he Consequences of Re-Planetizing Pluto. I don’t know, I think saying “the solar system has 115 planets…”

Dark Matter “Klingons”

New Horizon’s Photos of Ultima Thule, the space snowman

Stretch far enough….the internet, predicted much earlier than you supposed

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