AMAZING NEWS: 01/24/21

Tiny Time Machine, post apocalyptic ruins, Minbari fortitude, yet more Batman, Nalo Hopkinson, hummingbird drones, rejected 2001 theme, Hugo arguments and, believe it or not, even more!

Hugo Awards Discussion:  Too many nominees?  Too many awards?  Too much of a thing?  All this and more as our most prestigious award once again comes under scrutiny.

The Fantasy Hive says these are the  most anticipated books of 2021

52 years after film’s debut, this theme song has come to light (thank goodness Kubrick went with Also Spake Zarathustra)

CBC Radio recording of The Kraken Wakes, radio play based on the John Wyndham novel.

Line editing, copy editing and proofreading are different things.

Scientists demonstrate that there can be two different experiences of physical reality, suggesting there may be no such things as an “objective reality”

What impact do the new virus variants have on the pandemic?  The Atlantic is happy to explain.

The human spirit is unquenchable and imaginative:  seesaws through the border wall

Space Conquerors is a comic strip fondly remembered by many former Boy Scouts.  Here’s an archive of the strip.

New The Batman Trailer

Stream these free SF shows now

How to you catch stunning video of monarch butterflies?  Send in the hummingbird drones  

Interview with Nalo Hopkinson

Twyla Tharp had it easy:  Boston Dynamics scientists explain how tough it was to choreograph their robots

Calling all Fans:  what was your first SF read?  We’re adding fan’s personal experience to this index of famous first genre reads

RIP Mira Furlan

Blue Jets – Reverse Lightning – spotted from the ISS

Paul Levinson mentions Tiny Time Machine

New Release – Out of the Ruins post apocalyptic anthology




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