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For those not greatly familiar with the Grand Master and perhaps a bit curious following a recent review of one of his novels, we present the ultimate resource – The Heinlein Society website. Go take a look – regardless of your own feelings about the author, it may just give you even more reasons to get hepped up.

heinleinsocietyIn light of the Book Smuggler’s recently interesting, entertaining and provocative review of Robert A. Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, I thought it might be equally entertaining and provocative to highlight the excellent RAH resource found on the web.

The Heinlein Society website features Pay It Forward, associated with the Heinlein’s support of blood drives, information about Heinlein in education, society news, events featuring Heinleinian discussion and the Heinlein Concordance, a vast database that seeks to catalog everything that ever appeared in any of Heinlein’s works.

Other sections of the site include bibliographica, quotes, articles and reviews (though you might not find a certain review listed here).



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