ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Two very cool comics websites – one an archive, the other currently featuring an original Buck Rogers adventure.

TWO, yes TWO Cool Sites In One!  (How many of you remember those Doublemint Gum commercials?)  Today –


First, brought to our attention this week by the inestimable SF SignalCOMIC BOOK + – an awesome archive of vintage comic books

comic book+clear

If you’re into vintage comics (and especially the SF and horror ones), you’ve just discovered Smaug’s hoard.
Their holdings are alphabetically arranged by publisher name and then by book title. And you just can’t beat some of these books!

Hundreds (probably thousands) – an enormous archive of time-waste and nostalgia.

Next Up:  Buck Rogers in the Funny Pages!


Take a gander at ol’ Buck – the world’s first comic book science fiction hero.  (Note:  Not sure if the website/blog has secured appropriated permissions to reproduce all of the work on the site…)

The series of the Buck Rogers adventure reproduced on the site features Buddy (Buck’s kid pal) and his flying robot –

flying robot

Not to mention Saturnians, Marswomen and the obligatory bad guys.




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