ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites: Best Fan Writer Nominees

A tour of the websites by this year’s Best Fan Writer Hugo Award Nominees

In case you weren’t aware, online voting for the 2014 Hugo Awards has begun.

Among the awards presented at this year’s worldcon, Loncon3 (London) will be an award for Best Fan Writer.

Lest you not be familiar with the history of the awards, the Best Fan Writer is not someone writing about their fannish squee for an author or film, nor is it awarded for “fan-fiction”.

It is, in fact, awarded for individuals sharing their thoughts on a variety of subjects and choosing as their audience, the science fiction (and larger genre) community.  These authors are engaged with our field, often people with a hand in it in a professional or semi-professional capacity;  they may write or draw, or serve as slush readers, publish a ‘zine or a blog, work on conventions, write reviews or social commentary.

The award is not limited though to those who are not making a living as “filthy pros” (in fact Frederik Pohl and John Scalzi are recent recipients of this award) and can in fact be any person with genre interests whose writing informs and inspires our community.

This year there are five nominees whose content is primarily published in blogs and online websites (as opposed to the more traditional fanzine fare).

Those nominees are:

Liz Bourke

Kameron Hurley

Foz Meadows

Abigail Nussbaum

Mark Oshiro

If you are voting on the Hugos, please take some time to visit their websites.

If you aren’t – go ahead and spend some time on their sites anyway, they ALL provide some interesting insight and write entertaining reads.

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