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Poetry Review – Dark Energies, Ann K. Schwader

A collection that is not to be missed!

Poetry Review – Dawn of the Algorithm, Yann Rousselot

A motion poem and a crowd-funded publishing program.

Poetry Review – Much Slower Than Light, C. Clink

Carolyn Clink's poetry exhibits an astonishing variety of form, subject and genre.

Poetry Review – Dark Dreams by Christina Sng

Despite the dark content, Sng’s poetry remains pleasant to read.

Poetry Review: SETI Hits Paydirt, D. Kopaska-Merkel

Poems about stealthy alien invasion, alien colonization, trans-dimensional relationships, Amazons, gods, hillbillies and hicks, horticulture, uplifted animals, and bugs - lots of bugs.

Poetry Review – The Robot Scientist’s Daughter, Jeannine Hall Gailey

Poetry from a childhood spent exposed to radiation.

Graphic Poetry Review: Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town

Graphic Poetry? This might be the very FIRST graphic poetry book evah!

Poetry Review – Turn Left at November, by Wendy Rathbone

Wendy Rathbone's latest collection - with a side of poetry omnibi

Poetry Review – Resonance Dark and Light by Bruce Boston

In my next poetry review I bring you the new collection of Poetry Grandmaster Bruce Boston - Resonance Dark and Light, chock full of genre poetry goodness!

Poetry Review – Littlest Lovecraft series by Tro Rex and Eyona Bella

The horror! The Horror! Lovecraft in verse...with pictures! My mind....it's descending into MADNESS!

Poetry Review – The Sex Lives of Monsters by Helen Marshall

A review of Helen Marshall's Elgin Award winning poetry chapbook "The Sex Lives of Monsters". (With a title like that, who needs an excerpt?)

Poetry Review – The Endless Machine by Max Ingram

Who, or what, is the Endless Machine? You'll have to read some SF poetry to find out.

Poetry Review – Mourning Jewelry by Stephanie M. Wytovich

Who would’ve thought that there were so many ways to describe and enact death and dying?

Poetry Review – Fearworms by Robert Payne Cabeen

Not only does SF Poetry exist as a full-fledged entity, but there are also people who identify as SF Poets. AND they have their own little association too.

Poetry Review – Undoing Winter by Shannon Connor Winward

A review of a fabulous little chapbook written by Shannon Connor Winward: "Undoing Winter"

Poetry Review – Wolf Skin by Mary McMyne

Fairy Tale reeducation via poetry

Poetry Review: Scenes Along the Zombie Highway, Clark

Clark’s poems are first and foremost informative, then creepy, grisly and even a little bit tongue-in-cheek funny.

Poetry Review: Luminous Worlds, by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

A review of Luminous Worlds, including mythology, zombies and Lovecraftian horror

Poetry Review: Blue Sunset by Mary Jo Rabe

A review of the latest poetry collection - Blue Sunset - from Mary Jo Rabe.

Poetry Reviews: An Antho & chapbook by R. Jones

Diva Diane goes one better! Reviews of When Rockets Burn Through and Space Of Their Own. More poetry audio today than you can shake a stick at - so save your energy and listen instead.

Poetry Reviews: Cleveland Poets Stanley & Smith

Today’s post brings you two poetry reviews of chapbooks by Cleveland poets, one each by J. E. Stanley and dan smith. The Greater Cleveland...

Poetry Review – Offspring of the Moon, by John W. Sexton

Offspring of the Moon is a beautiful little volume of 57 Moon Wind mostly short length poems. The cover art by Ludmila Korol, called "Moon Wind" is stunningly perfect and beautiful on the paperback cover. I was drawn in by the vividness of the imagery and found a kinship with the weird.

Poetry Review: Transmissions to the Mystic Nebula

A collection of intensely intimate poetry which map a life

2015 Poetry Recap plus Review – Haiku of the Dead

Internationally domiciled Diane gets back to reviewing some genre poetry

Magazine Review – Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry

A review of a brand new online speculative fiction poetry magazine.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Speculative North Magazine #1

A new Canadian SF magazine hits the stands!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: On Spec Magazine issue #113

The latest issue of OnSpec magazine

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine issue #26

If you’re like me, a voracious reader with eclectic yet widespread tastes, you’ll read it from cover to cover and be well satisfied.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Unnerving Magazine issue #12

I have to admit, Unnerving always surprises me. I never know what to expect.