AMAZING NEWS: 1/24/1…”some call it heavenly in its brilliance”

aliens, aliens and more aliens; Boskone, space flowers, ice volcanoes, Groot, drones and Star Trek. Plus Suicide Squad and GotG. And – you guessed it – even more.

PRESS RELEASES & NEWSLETTERS (see full text below)

None received this week


Pretty Sure George Washington’s Slave Wasn’t Having Fun

An ‘Answer’ for ISIS?

The Internet was created to unite, but is instead dividing

Child Labor Mines the Minerals in Your Smart Phone

Video Games Have An Ongoing Female Butt Crisis

Buying a Gun is Easier Than Renting a Car

How to Break Out of Your Filter Bubble


Short SF Film Index (the films, not the index)

Suicide Squad Posters

More MOL Art

Wonder Woman – First Look

Mixed Gender Shower Scenes Are How We Know We’re in the Future

More Suicide Squad…and even More Suicide Squad

Justice League Art

Batman vs Superman

Star Trek Beyond Cast Talk

Star Trek Beyond to Honor 60s Series 

Axanar Will Ruin Trek for Everyone

Blade Runner Changed SF Film Forever


Pulp Literature New Release

Someone Tell Spider Robinson About Wind Games 2016

Old & New Faces Join GotG Team


POCs Latest to Destroy the Remnants of SF

SFWA STAR Projects

Constellation Named for Bowie (already has a name)

Boskone Is Coming

Grimm Future Released for Boskone

The Amazon Drones Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

Don’t Miss Your Chance:  NASA is Hiring Astronauts

Lets Examine Whats Wrong with the Book Trade…(and what the SF Community Gets Right)…and there are differences between literary festivals and SF conventions

How to Write an Eligibility Post

NY Review of SF Readings Schedule

AfroSF 3 Seeking Submissions

Boskone Schedule


Pluto Has Ginormous Ice Volcanoes

SpaceX Still Vexed by Sea Landings

Fear Free Vet Clinics (maybe pediatricians ought to look at this)

China’s Space Program Goes Pink Floyd

Space Flowers – NASA’s Zinnias….

PLANet 9 From Sol System

Gadgets Need to Understand Our Emotions (oh gee, I hope not!  The day my fridge understands I’m having a bad day is the day I find a shack and start eating turnips)

Quantum Stuff (if you think you understand it – you don’t)

I’m not saying it’s aliens….

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