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The Unauthorized Guide To Trek: The Complete TOS Crew Book 

By James Van Hise


“A gem of a book…every Trekkie and sci-fi fan needs this on their shelf.” –Amazon review.

The classic, complete guide to both the crew of the Starship Enterprise and the actors and actresses who brought them to life!

Written in the 1990s, this acclaimed book covers the all the members of the original crew: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov and Chapel. It’s filled with profiles of each character, biographies of the stars who played them, as well as in-depth conversations with the actors.

Trek fans will learn things they never knew, and gain new insights into William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Majel Barrett, and Walter Koenig.

The Complete TOS Crew Book is written by media journalist James Van Hise, creator of the much-beloved Enterprise Incidents magazine. Van Hise has been hailed by the Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki as “The eminent Star Trek reference book author.”

You’ll also find rare publicity stills and personal photos, taken by the author, of the actors themselves.

Bonus: Brand new caricatures of each crew member, especially commissioned for this book, by the award-winning political cartoonist and Filmation animator, Darryle Purcell. Plus a preface by the Mr. Purcell on the role Star Trek played in his life.

Category: Non-fiction Film and TV Science Fiction

Kindle for $2.99

Free for KindleUnlimited

Paperback: $9.99


Target: Solara [The Emperor’s Secret Files]

by Charles Lee Jackson II


Solara flies again!

The blonde bombshell superheroine in four exciting pulp-style adventures from The Emperor’s Secret Files! From nuclear threat and earthquake to disaster from the heavens, Solara is on the job, risking her own life to save innocents. From where does Solara come? Not even her own civilian identity, Helia Laurel, knows her secret. But somehow, in times of danger, the blue-and-gold uniform flashes through the sky. Not a rocket… not a meteorite… but an adventuress whose battle against crime and evil makes her Target: Solara.

Finally set up in a new business, Helia Laurel has even hired her first employees. But an emergency client—the notorious Reverend Rosefeld—will cause trouble, placing Helia in immediate danger and sending the entire planet to the brink of disaster, bringing together “Solara and the Ring of Fire”.

Though it’s hardly off the ground, Helia Laurel finds her business in ruins, and discovers that her fellow Venus Project astronauts are all being victimized by a super-powered menace that leads to a clash between “Solara and the Goddess of the Moon”.

Helia Laurel, already being plagued by scandalous accusations from a former colleague, finds herself the target of the daughter of one of Solara’s most dangerous foes from her earliest days in action—ghosts from the past, in “Shades of Solara”.

When mob violence wrecks an experimental gravitational device, a captive asteroid careens unfettered toward the Earth! Solara hurtles to the rescue, but vanishes in the attempt, leaving the planet in the path of onrushing doom. What has happened to the blonde bombshell? What will be the outcome for “Solara and the Gravity Telescope”?

Kindle for $0.99

Free for KindleUnlimited

Paperback Coming in September


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