TEGG & ACD Reach Distribution Agreement

The Ed Greenwood Group gets distributed!

July 2nd, 2015

For Immediate Release

The Ed Greenwood Group

ACD Distribution

Traditional-Formats License Agreement Reached,

Sales and Distribution Deal Struck

TORONTO and MIDDLETON, WI—The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG) and ACD Distribution (ACD) today reached a traditional-formats licensing agreement that will allow readers and fans to obtain all TEGG literary works in both hardcover and trade-paperback formats. This subsidiary license deal also extends to TEGG’s game division, for which ACD will be producing traditional-format roleplaying and other games. ACD will provide sales, distribution, and fulfillment to both large and small retailers and individuals wishing to order TEGG Works in traditional formats anywhere in the world. For TEGG’s line of handcrafted artisanal projects (managed through the TEGG Artifacts division), ACD will provide cataloging and order-collection services for the individual artisans.

The Ed Greenwood Group, a new transmedia publishing company from the creator of the Forgotten Realms®, launches this fall with its first novel, a brand-new Ed Greenwood title. Your World Is Doomed is the first novel in an urban fantasy setting called Hellmaw; 6 story arcs, 86 novels, 14 anthologies, 5 games, and 9 Artifacts are planned between Mr. Greenwood’s first novel in 2015 and the end of the sixth story arc, projected for October 2022. Next year (2016) will see the launch of a more traditional sword-and-sorcery setting code-named Pony Island Adventures. More settings in more genres will follow—For Wolf & Empire (steampunk), Lost Princesses of Mars (space opera), and In So Deep (sex fantasy), to name only a few.

“This agreement with ACD is great news for us,” said Ed Greenwood, president and publisher at The Ed Greenwood Group. “ACD ‘gets’ creative individuals like few other large companies do…and our partnership with them means we can follow both of our goals: to serve our Creatives, and to serve our readers, players, and fans!” The ACD traditional-format editions will all be availablesimultaneously with TEGG’s other formats and editions, allowing readers and players to choose whichever format suits them best without having to wait a year or more between formats.

ACD is one of the world’s largest distributors of game and hobby products, representing more than 350 publishers and thousands of products from their Madison, Wisconsin, headquarters and three warehouses across the United States. ACD brings more than 20 years of market experience and knowledge to Mr. Greenwood’s new venture. “It’s amazing to be working with Mr. Greenwood and hisSessorium of Creatives, said Bob Maher, president and owner of ACD. “I’ve been a fan of Mr. Greenwood’s work for a long time. Watching him take talented new and established creatives from the literary, gaming, and arts worlds, add a dozen or so new and original Ed Greenwood worlds, and shake them together to form a brand-new transmedia company is incredible. For myself and all of us at ACD, it’s a joy to be able to join his creative team.”

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