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NEWS HEADER FOR FILE 770SPECIAL NOTE:  Amazing Stories is pleased to announce that Mike Glyer’s File 770 has been awarded the first annual Puppy Pee Pad Award for providing excellent and on-going coverage of Puppygate 2015.  Mike Glyer was apparently one of, if not the first, fannish news reporter to recognize that the time of rolled up newspapers had passed and that we’d entered the era of area coverage.  Congratulations, Mike!

puppyPuppy Hunter Nemesis 4/25
aka It Was On Fire When I Lifted My Leg On it Live from Arcadia, it’s File 770 in the middle of Saturday Night! Jim C. Hines, Eleanor Arnason, Vox Day, and other voices from the blogosphere have their say … Continue reading →

Sasquan Membership Numbers Keep Rocketing Upward
New: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Philippines, Portugal. CA is 2nd state w/>1000. Details & map — sasquansf (@sasquansf) April 24, 2015 Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon has gained another 1,000 members in the past two weeks, however, nearly 90% of the newcomers are supporting … Continue reading →

Don’t Invitems at RavenCon
RavenCon cranks up this weekend in Richmond, VA in a rather literal way. Artist Guest of Honor Frank Wu and Gaming Guest of Honor Brianna Wu issued a statement disinviting six unnamed people accused of “hijacking this year’s Hugo awards” … Continue reading →

April Balances the Scales
They say April is the cruelest month. I say there’s evidence for both sides. April 27, 1951: The Thing from Another World opens in Los Angeles. April 26, 1991: Family sitcom Dinosaurs premieres on ABC. April 20, 2015: Jurassic World … Continue reading →

The Culture Wars Come To RavenCon
RavenCon attendees witnessed a flash of drama at Brianna Wu’s GamerGate panel on Friday evening, but it had nothing to do with the unnamed Hugo “hijackers” she publicly disinvited in a Tumblr post on Thursday. SP3/RP nominees in Richmond barely … Continue reading →

puppyThe Three-Puppy Problem 4/24
aka, We, in Some Strange Puppy’s Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line Today’s roundup brings back Eric Flint, George R.R. Martin, Deirdre Saoirse Moen , Damian G. Walter, Alexandra Erin, and Steve Davidson, introduces Ciaran, J. T. Glover, Jack Heneghan, … Continue reading →

Monster Hunter Tales Anthology Announced
Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Monster Hunter International creator Larry Correia have signed a contract with Baen to co-edit an anthology of stories set in Correia’s Monster Hunter universe. Schmidt told his Facebook readers the anthology will feature 18-20 stories. Correia will … Continue reading →

Horror in the Harbor
Fans are invited to spend the May 1-3 weekend in celebrating HPL’s impact on the horror genre at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & ChthulhuCon in San Pedro, CA. The theme of this year’s con is “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.” … Continue reading →

N3F Franson Award Winner Named
George Phillies has won the Franson Award for 2015, given by the current president of the National Fantasy Fan Federation to a member who has shown outstanding service to the organization. The award is named for former N3F President Donald … Continue reading →

puppyIf You Were a Puppy, My Love 4/23
aka “Catch A Barking Star, Tell Me Where the Hugos Are” A combination of new voices speaking out and old hands breaking silence feature in today’s roundup. Cheryl Morgan, T. L. Knighton, Arthur Chenin, T. C. McCarthy, David Gerrold, Melinda … Continue reading →

Fannish Fashion Report
Here are the latest styles for fandom’s dudes and dudettes. John King Tarpinian has been keeping his eye on the trendsetters, or at least copying me on his junk mail, permitting File 770 to assist you in upgrading your convention wardrobe. … Continue reading →

Nominations Sought for 2015 Parsec Awards
The Parsec Awards recognize the best in speculative fiction podcasting. Shows are nominated by fans, finalists are chosen by a steering committee, and the winners are voted on by an independent panel of judges. The winners are announced each year … Continue reading →

Sherlock Duels Doctor Who on British TV
Radio Times reports Sherlock and the Doctor shared the screen last night on Newzoids, ITV’s satirical puppet show. Both finding themselves at the scene of a crime, the characters – played in their respective TV series by Benedict Cumberbatch and Peter … Continue reading →

NYRSF Readings’ “Sam-Enchanted Evening” with Delany and Miller
By Mark L. Blackman: Disclaimer: The pun in the title is Jim Freund’s. However, reading it as “Salmon-Chanted Evening,” I mused “Fish and Chip.” They readers were also at one point referred to by an audience member as “Sam One” … Continue reading →

puppyA Just and Lasting Puppy 4/22
A report from the battlefields of science fiction. Some are declaring victory, others are in pain. Kary English “On Anger, Power and Displacement in the Hugos (part one of possibly several)” – April 22 Americans hated the [Vietnam] war, so when … Continue reading →

Bujold Novel Among 11 New Baen Acquisitions
Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, a new Vorkosigan Saga novel by Lois McMaster Bujold, is among eleven recent acquisitions by Baen Books. There are also two new entries in the best-selling Liaden Universe® science fiction series by Sharon Lee … Continue reading →

The Little Prince, Trailer #2
“All grown-ups were children once – although few of them remember it…” … Continue reading →

Nick Offerman Named Nebula Awards Toastmaster
SFWA has announced actor Nick Offerman will serve as toastmaster at the Nebula Awards on June 6 at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. Offerman recently finished portraying Ron Swanson on the NBC series Parks and Recreation. His second book, Gumption, … Continue reading →

GUFF Call For Nominations
GUFF, the Get Up and Over (or Going Under) Fan Fund that connects fans in Australasia and Europe, is taking nominations for the southbound race that will send a European fan to Contact 2016, the 55th Australian National Science Fiction … Continue reading →

2015 Eisner Award Nominees
Comic-Con International has announced the nominees for the 2015 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, chosen by a panel of judges. Named for comics creator the Will Eisner, the awards, now in their 27th year, highlight the best publications and creators … Continue reading →

2015 Seiun Award Nominations
The committee of “Comecon,” the 54th Japan Science Fiction Convention, announced the 2015 Seiun Awards shortlist on April 18. Seiuns are given in nine categories: Japanese Long Story, Japanese Short Story, Translated Long Story, Translated Short Story, Media, Comic, Art, Nonfiction, and a … Continue reading →

puppyDeath Rides A Puppy 4/21
Featured in today’s roundup are David Gerrold, Vox Day, Jim Wright (no relation to John C.), Jason Cordova and Jason Sanford, Amanda Green and Edward Green, Mick and Mackintosh, Alexandra Erin, Philip Sandifer, plus all the other woofers and tweeters. … Continue reading →

Paolo Bacigulpi Book Tour
Paolo Bacigalupi’s forthcoming novel Water Knife envisions a world where people will kill for water. Those of us in drought-stricken California, where local communities are hiring “water cops,” wonder if that future is not far off. The author’s The Windup Girl … Continue reading →

Galaxy Quest Being Developed As Series
Cancelled fictional TV show Galaxy Quest may return to the medium it was never on in the first place. Deadline reports Paramount Television is putting together a series project based on the 1999 movie and involving key players from the … Continue reading →

Ellison Story Elected To Libertarian Futurist Society Hall of Fame
Harlan Ellison’s “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman” has been chosen by members of the Libertarian Futurist Society as the 2015 Prometheus Hall of Fame winner. Originally published in Galaxy in December 1965, “Repent, Harlequin!” portrays one man’s surrealist rebellion against … Continue reading →

Dublin in 2019 Update
After appearances at both the British Eastercon and Norwescon in the U.S, as of the beginning of April Dublin in 2019 has reached the 600 mark in paid supporters. Broken out by level the numbers are — Pre-Supporting: 458 Backer: 6 Friend: … Continue reading →

puppyFour and Twenty Puppies Smoked in a Pie 4/20
It was a prolific day, with new posts from Sad Puppies’ Torgersen and Correia, and Rabid Puppies’ Vox Day, puppy supporters Dave Freer and Amanda S. Green, and detractors John Scalzi and David Gerrold. A host of new voices joined the exchange. … Continue reading →

Star Trek Renegades Trailer
Take a peek at Tim Russ’ Star Trek Renegades, with Adrienne Wilkinson as Captain Lexxa Singh, Russ as Tuvok, and Walter Koenig and Robert Picardo cast in other roles, in this new trailer. It is nearly ten years after Voyager’s … Continue reading →

Art Widner (1917-2015)
Always ready to help, never a better friend, opinionated, long on experience and wise about fannish weaknesses (even his own), a fascinating storyteller, organizer and party host, Art Widner passed away April 17 at the age of 97. Widner wrote … Continue reading →

puppyCry Havoc and Let Slip the Puppies of War 4/19
Black Gate’s withdrawal from the Hugos may have been too late to change the ballot, but was just in time to provide fresh evidence of the social cost of this controversy. George R.R. Martin says he still doesn’t agree with … Continue reading →

Fantastic Four Trailer Online
The Fantastic Four movie is in theaters August 7. … Continue reading →

Sasquan Confirms Hugo Ballot Is Locked
In the wake of Black Gate’s withdrawal as a Hugo nominee fans have asked whether its vacancy will be filled, or will the ballot remain locked as Sasquan announced on April 16. Hugo administrator John Lorentz confirms: “The ballot is indeed locked, and … Continue reading →

There’s an App for Dan Alderson
How interesting to discover that the Scientists of America app, which “explains about the famous American Scientists and their inventions,” includes Dan Alderson. His name and photo appear on the demonstration page along with others whose last names start with … Continue reading →

Black Gate Withdraws From Hugo Ballot
Black Gate, a 2015 Hugo finalist in the fanzine category, has withdrawn from the ballot. John O’Neill announced the decision today: On April 4th, Black Gate was nominated for a 2015 Hugo Award for Best Fanzine. One of our bloggers, … Continue reading →

Don D’Ammassa Launches Managansett Press
By Andrew Porter: Don D’Ammassa, who reviewed thousands of titles for Science Fiction Chronicle and still reviews books on his Critical Mass website, has launched Managansett Press, to release his own titles. He writes: The first three titles, available thru … Continue reading →

puppyOne If By Land Two If By Puppy 4/18
It’s a midnight ride for today’s Sad Puppy link roundup…. Brooke Gladstone on On The Media (WNYC) “The Sad Puppy Takeover” – April 17 The Hugo Awards are science fiction writing’s highest honor, and this year conservative fans, concerned with the liberal leanings … Continue reading →

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