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Pixel Scroll 10/16/21 Escape From Pixel Scroll
SUPERMAN MOTTO CHANGED. The motto associated with Forties radio Superman, and the George Reeves TV show, and sporadically used since then, has been swapped for something else. The Daily Beast has the story: “DC Comics Changes Superman Motto, Swaps

Pixel Scroll 10/15/21 I Know What Pixel You Scrolled Last Summer
ORAL HISTORY OF SMALLVILLE. “‘We Had Freedom to Change the Mythology:’ An Oral History of ‘Smallville’” in The Hollywood Reporter. Here, the key players look back, with those sharing memories including Welling and the creators, as well as Michael Rosenbaum,

Texas in 2031 Worldcon Bid Begins Taking Presupports
Sara Felix has started accepting presupports for a Texas in 2031 Worldcon bid. The city is still to be determined. She says, “Right now presupports are going to my PayPal/Venmo as we haven’t got the accounts set up.” The URL

Pixel Scroll 10/14/21 Pixel 10-10 Whose Gracious Presence Illuminates The File Like The Edgescroll Of A Knife
DOCTORAL THESES. A roundup of Radio Times’ Doctor Who coverage. “Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill wrap filming on Doctor Who”. The show’s official social media accounts posted a snap of the pair on the TARDIS set, holding a clapperboard,

Corflu Members Will Get Daangerous Visions, A Faanfiction Faanthology
By Sandra Bond: Faanfiction! (Not to be confused with fanfiction.) Stories written by sf fans, published for sf fans, and with fans as characters and fandom as a setting. Those are pretty much the only parameters; apart from that, anything

Brianna Wu Tells What to Expect from the Gamergate TV Series
Plans to develop a Gamergate series for TV involving Brianna Wu were revealed by Deadline a week ago (“Fictional Gamergate Series In The Works From Mind Riot Entertainment & Video Games Developer Brianna Wu”). Now Wu has commented extensively on

Pixel Scroll 10/13/21 Filed Gruntbuggly, Thy Pixelations Are To Me
KGB RESUMES IN-PERSON READINGS. Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series hosts Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel are very excited to return to in-person readings at the KGB Bar in Manhattan’s East Village. On Wednesday, October 20 at 7:00 Eastern, people will hear from

William Shatner Back From Space
Emerging from New Shepard’s crew capsule, 90-year-old actor William Shatner told his host Jeff Bezos how deeply moved he was by his flight to the edge of space: “What you have given me is the most profound experience I can

SFWA’s “Magic and Mayhem” Fantasy StoryBundle Available ’til November 4
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has released their newest fantasy StoryBundle. The “Magic and Mayhem” Bundle is only available from October 13 to November 4, 2021 and can be purchased here: StoryBundles are curated collections of books offered at

Pixel Scroll 10/12/21 The Scroll It Stole Was The Scroll Of Scrolls Called The Scroll Of Neverending
FIVE-STAR FRAUD. “Amazon Fake Reviews Scam Exposed in Data Breach” reports The Passive Voice. The SafetyDetectives cybersecurity team uncovered an open ElasticSearch database exposing an organized fake reviews scam affecting Amazon. The server contained a treasure trove of direct messages between

Oh, The Place We Boldly Stop.
[ComicMix VP Glenn Hauman today provided closure for those who have followed the Dr. Seuss Enterprises vs. ComicMix et al. case since it began in 2016. His article is reblogged here from ComicMix with his permission.] By Glenn Hauman: The

Exciting Takes On Classic Marvel Covers in New Homage Variant Covers
This January, Marvel artists will pay tribute to some of the greatest comic book covers in its history with all-new Homage Variant Covers. Artists David Yardin, Will Sliney, Mike McKone, Creees Lee, Philip Tan, David Nakayama, Pete Woods, Ken Lashley,

Pixel Scroll 10/11/21 The Pixel Went Down To Georgia, He Was Looking For A Scroll To Steal, He Was Way Behind, He Was Fifth
INDIGENOUS HERITAGE IN HORROR. The Horror Writers Association blog features Owl Goingback, a three-time Bram Stoker Award Winner, receiving the award for Lifetime Achievement, Novel, and First Novel. “Interview with Owl Goingback”. Do you make a conscious effort to include

SFWA Call for Submissions: “Rogues of the Future” StoryBundles
The Self-Publishing Committee of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA) has announced an open call for submissions for two science fiction StoryBundles releasing in 2022. The submission window is open until October 17, 2021. The overarching theme

Pixel Scroll 10/10/21 The Lone And Level Pixels Stretch Far Away
SAINT OF STEEL CONTINUES. Oor Wombat has a third Paladin book out today, written in her guise as T. Kingfisher. Piper is a lich-doctor, a physician who works among the dead, determining causes of death for the city guard’s investigations. It’s a peaceful,


2021 Aurora Awards
The winners were announced during a virtual awards ceremony hosted by Can-con on October 16. The awards are voted by members of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, for Science Fiction / Fantasy works done in 2020 by Canadians. Best

2021 Strand Critics Awards
The winners of the were revealed October 5. Recognizing excellence in the field of mystery fiction and publishing, the Strand Critics Awards are judged by selected group of book critics and journalists, this year including talent from NPR, USA

Crime Fiction Award News
RADIO BREMEN KRIMIPREIS The 2021 Radio Bremen Krimipreis, a German crime fiction award, has been awarded to Anne Holt. The article is in German, so here is a summary: The winner of the 2021 Radio Bremen Krimipreis is Norwegian crime

2021 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards Winners
The New Mexico Book Co-Op has announced the winners of the 2021 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. There were 1,676 books judged in this year’s awards program, with 68 books selected as winners based on the highest average scores in each

Nommo Awards to be Announced at DisCon III
The African Speculative Fiction Society’s 2021 Nommo Awards Ceremony will be held this December at DisCon III, the World Science Fiction Convention. The ASFS is the organization of African writers, artists, editors, and publishers in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and

The Heinlein Journal Wins Design Award
The recent redesign of The Heinlein Journal was chosen as one of 6 winners in the Editorial category of Communication Arts’ 62nd annual design competition, the most-coveted award in the industry. The Journal is published

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