Publisher Gets More Air Time: Fittingly, this scary development takes place on the 10x the Terror Podcast

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Just in case you’ve a hankering for more Steve Davidson (who happens to be the publisher of Amazing Stories), we’ve got some news for you!

Back In January, The Fantasy Network and Recursor TV – two wonderful websites devoted to indie Fantasy and Science Fiction film repectively, profiled Steve and the upcoming 2026 100th Anniversary of the magazine.

You can read the conversation on The Fantasy Network or on Recursor TV (if you’re really hard up for more Steve, you could actually read the same article on each of those two different websites!).

And you may want to because this coming Sunday, Steve will also be a guest on the Horror-oriented Podcast, 10x the Terror, where he will be grilled by hosts Ralph and Paul, under the able production of Gwen.  Grilled and maybe even consumed….

It’s bound to be an interesting discussion:  it’s a rare circumstance that finds me conversing with ministers!

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