New Release: Alien Puzzle Boxes a Collection of Shorts by Jeremy Lichtman

A winner of the Gernsback Writiing Contest, author Jeremy Lichtman now offers us a selection of his short fiction – all in one place!

Author Jeremy Lichtman, a finalist in the inaugural Gernsback Writing Contest*, has just announced the release of a collection of his short pieces with Alien Puzzle Boxes: Twenty Short Science Fiction Stories.

His Bob the Hipster Knight, a trippy, cyber-punky tale, was among the ten finalists selected for Amazing Stories own Gernsback writing contest and now appears alongside nineteen other tales take place out on the creative edges of the genre.

Contents include:

A Book By Any Other Name – © 2018 Apsis in Ephis with Samir – © 2013 First appeared in The Future is Short
Basilisk Rock – © 2015 First appeared in The Future is Short III
Bob the Hipster Knight – © 2015 First appeared in Amazing Stories, 2016
Bylaw, By Law, Belarus – © 2016 First appeared in The Future is Short IV
Closed Time-like Loop © 2015 Eight Ball – © 2020
Eponymous Plot Device – © 2018
For Want of a Larger Horse – © 2020 Fox, Cat, Fireworks – © 2013 First appeared in The Future is Short
Home Sweet Home – © 2016 Industry – © 2015
Infringement – © 2018 Jeremy Lichman
Nine Facets – © 2014 First appeared in The Future is Short II
Oppenheimer’s Tears – © 2017 Plastic World – © 2019 Pole to Pole – © 2015 The Blue Man – © 2020
The Comic Sans of Time – © 2015 First appeared in The Future is Short III
The Truffles of Mars – © 2018 First appeared in Flash Fiction Online, January 2019

You can find it here.

The Gernsback Writing Contest selected ten “finalists” or winners for a special anthology.  So in this context, “finalist” = “winner”.

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