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The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts

The Rise of Magicks

Nora Roberts

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Year One and Of Blood and Bone concludes her stunning trilogy that the New York Times Book Review praised as “A match for end-of-the-world classics like Stephen King’s The Stand.”

“Magnificent . . . perfectly balances magic, adventure, romance, and steely resolve in the battle of good vs. evil while reminding us that while the battles may save us, it’s the home, hearth, and community which sustain us. Brilliant and inspiring.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

Made Things by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Made Things

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Made Things is dark fantasy tale of how the most unlikely characters may become the most heroic.

“Thieves, mages, and miniature golems run afoul of each other in this charming novella set in a steampunk fantasy world. . . . The dashingly roguish cast, clever prose and well-placed moments of heartfelt emotion are sure to delight.” —Publishers Weekly

Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

Fate of the Fallen

Kel Kade

Everyone loves Mathias. Naturally, when he discovers it’s his destiny to save the world, he dives in head first, pulling his best friend Aaslo along for the ride.

However, saving the world isn’t as easy, or exciting, as it sounds in the stories. As the list of allies grows thin, and the friends find themselves staring death in the face they must decide how to become the heroes they were destined to be or, failing that, how to survive.

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The Killing Light by Myke Cole

The Killing Light

Myke Cole

The thrilling conclusion to Myke Cole’s Sacred Throne trilogy.

“A heart-wrenching, blood-racing, all-around page-turner. Spare, vivid and surprisingly sensual, with a small, fierce heroine who will stick in your mind and live in your soul.” —Diana Gabaldon

The Reckoning by Kris Greene

The Reckoning

Kris Greene

A Dark Storm Novel, Kris Greene’s The Reckoning is the final book in an exciting fantasy series about a young man who discovers that it’s his destiny to lead the war against the Darkness.

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Knight of the Silver Circle by Duncan M. Hamilton

Knight of the Silver Circle

Duncan M. Hamilton

From the author of the beloved Society of Sword and Wolf of the North trilogies, Duncan M. Hamilton’s Knight of the Silver Circle—the sequel adventure-packed fantasy to Dragonslayer in The Last Dragonslayer trilogy—is perfect for fans of magical beasts and unexpected heroes.

“Successfully mixes swords, sorcery, and skullduggery with complex characters. Dumas fans will especially appreciate the faux-French setting. This is pure adventure fun with plenty for epic fantasy readers to enjoy.” —Publishers Weekly on Dragonslayer

The Menace from Farside by Ian McDonald

The Menace from Farside

Ian McDonald

Remember: Lady Luna knows a thousand ways to kill you, but family is what you know. Family is what works.

Cariad Corcoran has a new sister who is everything she is not: tall, beautiful, confident. They’re unlikely allies and even unlikelier sisters, but they’re determined to find the moon’s first footprint, even if the lunar frontier is doing its best to kill them before they get there.

The Lights Go Out in Lychford by Paul Cornell

The Lights Go Out in Lychford

Paul Cornell

Be careful what you wish for…

Paul Cornell’s The Lights Go Out in Lychford continues the award-nominated Witches of Lychford series, described by Seanan McGuire as “Beautifully written, perfectly cruel and ultimately kind.”

Chokehold by David Moody


David Moody

The third book in the new series from Hater author David Moody is perfect for readers of John Maberry and Max Brooks.

Chokehold is a fast-paced and wonderfully dark story about the fight for survival in the face of the impending apocalypse.

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More New Releases

The Impossible Contract Stone Clock

The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

To The Blight by Robert Jordan

To The Blight

Robert Jordan

The continuation of the internationally-bestselling epic fantasy phenomenon The Wheel of Time®, now in a special pocket-sized hardcover gift edition.

“Jordan has come to dominate the world that Tolkien began to reveal.” —The New York Times

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