AMAZING NEWS: 4-8-2018

Macbeth graphic novel, falling spaceships, nuclear explosions, a sad anniversary and the launch of Amazing Stories print edition

SPECIAL MEMORIAL: Today would have been Karen Lynn Davidson’s 60th birthday. Had Karen not died from cancer last May 17th, today she would be celebrating the fruits of her labor, her support and her love with the successful funding of the Amazing Stories Kickstarter. Karen funded Amazing Stories by working out of the home while I worked on the magazine. Oh, sure, I did whatever I could to make that easier for her – driving her to work every day, taking care of a lot of the daily BS we all have to deal with, cooking our meals, the laundry, running the errands (even cleaning, though that was something she actually enjoyed doing herself), and I would do it all again in a heartbeat, but I never want it to be forgotten that without that sacrifice on her part, none of this – NONE – would have been possible. So, whenever you’re thinking about Amazing Stories, whenever you are wont to credit our success, remember Karen, and remember that this website and the forthcoming print magazine would never have been without her.

At 30:23:56:00 on 4/7/2018, the EPC Amazing Stories rocketship received a GO for launch and throttled up its engines and cleared the tower!  A mere few seconds later it passed through MaxQ, successfully completed its roll manuever and entered high orbit, while it prepares for its journey to the stars!  Thank you to everyone, most especially including the newly designated 1st Platoon of the 1st Regiment of the 1st SF Cavalry Brigade, who rode over the hill (sunset in the background), bugles and drums blaring, in epic Hollywood fashion!


Homeland Security Wants to Gather a List of Journalists and ‘Influencers’  (*Scary.  VERY Scary)  (Via a special, anonymous contributor)

Free Range Parenting Law Passed

FTC Investigates Facebook

Common Thread Among Christian Voters for Trump:  ‘meruka is a christian nation, hur hur hur’

Hawaii Legalizes Assisted Suicide


More David Hardy Art (there’s always room for one more)

Exec Dir of Amazing Stories TV Show says TV shows should not quality for Oscars

My Trip to Titan, 1968

Women authors describes themselves the way a male author would

Service Dog Meets Entertainment Dog, discuss pay disparity…


This Project Promoted Amazing Stories Kickstarter:  Give this graphic novel takeoff of Macbeth your support

SFRB Opens to New Releases

When one Data-Harvesting Company Attacks Another Data-Harvesting Company

Halo for Hire from Haffner Press


In case you missed it before, here’s some MORE video of Nuclear Explosions

All over, including the shouting:  Tiangong-1 Falls to Earth

‘Death Machine’ Inventor tells all

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