Scotland’s Snow Storm…and a Unicorn

Amazing snow sculptures!

Those of us who live in Scotland were warned that “The Beast From the East” was coming. I wondered if it was our version of “Winter is Coming” from “Game of Thrones”, and although it wasn’t that bad, the eponymous storm was close.  Let’s just say there has been snow. A lot of snow. Some of us spent hours digging our cars out so we could get to work, but my friend, sculptor Paul Back, decided to bring a little magic to our late onset winter from his home in the Scottish Borders. And, yes, that horn is an icicle and when the creature melts the magic will remain, I feel.

Check out Paul’s website. My wife and I are proud owners of some of his pieces, a sculpture of lovers to mark my marriage to Carole (a creative artist herself, who works with textiles), and a lantern-bearing Brigid, which I got Carole for her birthday. Inspired by various mythologies, from Celtic to Roman, and much more, his works have their own amazing stories to tell. He undertakes commissions, as well as having many wonderful existing works for sale.

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