aliens in the white house, old mag in the purse, recyclables in space…WHAT is the world coming to!?

It Is DAY 134 of the Alien Occupation of the White House.


George Takei on Star Trek Discovery

Wonder Woman Banned in Lebanon (she’s not a Themyscrian, she’s an Israeli Jew!!!)

…and nooses found at museum (we’re living in disgusting, ignorant times)

Hey I know!  Lets form a club of idiots with clubs and go out looking for fights at protests!  (In another era, these folks were called brown shirts)


Wonder Woman Posts Stellar Numbers  (despite “women only screening”)

Not necessarily genre, but quite good graphic series nonetheless

Firefly crew serving under different colors

Starship Sofa Visits Old Venus

David A. Hardy colorizes his own astronomical illustration

Golden Age of Monster Movies as Model Kits

H.G. Wells Reading Project

GoT Final Season Not Airing Till 2019!?  What’s up with that George?

There’s now so much Star Wars crap we need a news roundup to keep track!


SPECIAL NOTE: OMNI Reboot Offering the full run of the magazine for $2.99 per copy.  SFWA has inquired of Omni and has received no response as to whether authors are being paid for reprints.  The SFWA forum is asking authors whose fiction appeared in Omni (1981 on) if they are receiving payment.  (Much of the material used for Omni reboot was acquired during the auction of a storage locker in NJ that contained a lot of artwork and other materials stored there by publisher Bob Guccione.)  You can read a bit more on File 770. (Item 3)

What “Star Wars Hyperspace” would really look like

Hulk SMASH Flash! (Gordon)

Social Media now a target of hackers

New Releases:  Shadow Fray by Bradley Lloyd

For some reason Damien Walter’s Guardian Post on the Puppy wars from 2014 is trending again

Amazon Book stores.  Dumb.  (Via File 770)


Bigelow may be Bonkers (but he makes a hell of an inflatable!)

BEAM Module 1 Year Anniversary

Alaskan Volcano Screwing with International Flights

Recyclables in Spaaaaace!

Now You Know:  Black Holes with Known Masses  (when I was younger, the existence of these things was a huge question mark.  Now we know how much they “weigh”)

New Astronaut Class to be Announced

Mr. White, will you please step out of the capsule?

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