We’re playing catch up as we resume our normal Sunday features. Grab a cuppa and settle in. (Filers, that means, appertain yourself of something)

SPECIAL NOTE:  some items may be slightly dated, but it’s all good stuff!

Other Special Note:  My sincere thank yous to everyone for their kind wishes regarding Karen’s passing.  Your words and thoughts would have been appreciated by Karen, and they have eased my travels. ~Steve


Fantastic Fiction at KGB

Science Fiction for the Throne


Facebook Targets “Insecure” Teens

Why Isn’t deGrasse Tyson President?

Back in March – this

Former Dominionist Confessions

Handmaids in Texas

Stephen Hawking Doesn’t Feel Welcome in ‘murika

Next Gen Kids Own Gender

Its the end of the world as we know it, and I fidget fine

Internet Addiction is REAL.  Stay here and get your fix


Star Trek Discovery:  Already Being Pushed Back Again, Already Getting Fan Diss

Valerian Trailer  (I’m underwhelmed)

Wrath of Khan STILL (way) better than JJ Abrams Trek

Jesus!  Jesus is Gay!

SyFy Drops Another Show Early

Beauty and the Beast Set a Record

Just in Case You Need Some:  Fireproof Skulls

Starblazers has a new writer

OLD letters to the editor

They thought it back then, still thinking it now:  Trump is an Alien

Cute 50s pic and another

No Matter What, Star Trek Will Always Love You

Guilty Pleasures:  Transformers Reveal

Wonder Woman!

Captain Jack!

Spidey! and More

Mantis Mistreated?

Bladerunner 2049

Most Assuredly, this is NOT what Newt was playing with while hiding in the ducts


Twin Peak’s Return

More Wonder Woman (hey, I’m unattached now and my name is Steve…)

Galactic Journey – New Worlds (and old)

Summer 2017 Movie Releases

Last Jedi Photos (oh please let it be the last!)

Found Families

and Justice League is in New Hands


European Grand Master H. W. Franke

SFWA Humble Nebula Bundle

SFWA May Market Report

Brin Opines on Trump, Us and Heinlein

Jemisin Reviews in the NY Times

SF’s Golden Age in China

Analyzing Locus Reading List

(relatively) New Release:  Jim C Hines Terminal Alliance

Core Space Operas

Genre Talk Giveaways

Planet Comiccon Report

OdysseyCon …

Pushing Back the Roots of Fandom, kinda

Shelley, Frankenstein and SF’s Influence

Pay Your Bills With Copywriting (not a scam ad)


Total Solar Eclipse Countdown

NASA Budget Cancels 4 Earth Science Programs

X37B Captures Orbital Record

Yet Another “See our solar system like never before” post (this will keep happening)

Bye Bye Mimas

100 Planets?

Mars Flyover – stunning!

Five New Particles – LHC

Why Not Train Eagles:  Drone zapping Laser for the Army

deGrase Tyson Explains Time Travel

Beneficial Autism Genes

Cassini Dive Bombs Saturn

Project Mercury Photos  (when men were men who sat atop giant roman candles…and women worked the numbers)

Brian Greene on the Politicization of Science

Wingsuit Wecord

How To Find E.T.

Two New Astronaut Hall of Fame Inductees

That Star is Driving Astro-Engineers Nuts

We’ll have these before the male pill – 3D Prnited Ovaries

Be Careful, that Bug may not be a bug

Black Holes, Mr. Rico!  Billions of ‘Em!

Aerial Ballet

Go Read The Great Milothen look at this

How the Spaceship in Arrival Might Have Worked (via David Brin)

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