Wednesday Will Be Excerpt Day


    This coming Wednesday, June 15th, Amazing Stories will be featuring two fantastic novel excerpts:  Honey Boy’s Hunt (A companion novella to the Bodyless series), by Marie Bilodeau

    the 9th book in the Hellmaw series and Michael J. Sullivan’s Age of Myth, one of this year’s most anticipated fantasy releases.

    We’re still waiting for the cover art for Hellmaw:  Book 9, but we can tease you with this cover from Age of Myth, Book One of The Legends of the First Empire, published by Del Rey:

    age of myth

    Michael’s new series is getting a lot of attention.  On Wednesday, you’ll get a chance to see why!

    Hellmaw, Book 9, is part of the on-going demon-infestation series from the Ed Greenwood Group. Excerpts from the previous 8 novels can be found here.


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