AMAZING NEWS: Hugo Packet Release Day (5/29/16)


The only real news today (other than the newsletters & PRs found below) is the release of the Hugo Voter’s Packet.

If you are a member of MidAmeriConII, you can go to the Hugo Awards page on the website and, after entering your name, membership number and password (forwarded to you by the BigMac folks in an earlier email), you will be confronted by numerous PDFs in ZIP files for download.

You can survey the contents before downloading by reading this roundup on File 770 (full disclosure – one of the Finalists – but I’ve searched and searched, double-searched and even resorted to using a scanning electron microscope and have not found one whisker of a suggestion that File 770 uses this opportunity to promote themselves.  Fly specks and typos – yes, self-promotion – no.)

Once the works are in-hand, you also might want to turn to these resources – Puppy Free Finalists List, original and revised.  You might also want to read this roundup of statements (or lack thereof) by Finalists, here on SFKittens.

You all have a lot of reading to do if you are going to vote according to the generally approved methods, which is and always has been: vote for works you are familiar with and that you believe are worthy of winning the award (while paying attention to whether or not something was gamed onto the ballot by those whose goal is to “burn down the Hugo Awards”).

Me?  I’m pretty much restricting myself to reading the works that WEREN’T on slates (due consideration given to disavowals) and then making my picks from them, with liberal use of the No Award vote thrown in.

While it does get old, all-puppy award categories do tend to make voting a little easier and faster.  Maybe the puppy credo ought to be “Helping Fandom by Taking Your Choices Away”….


This will NOT be the last year of Hugo Awards afflicted with puppy bullshit;  EPH (the much ballyhood salvation) has been shown to be less effective at countering slates than was originally believed by many (it was also never a solution to the real problem regardless, as suggested here numerous times over the past couple of years) and this revelation, along with on-going discussions of potentially more effective methods – such as Second Round Voting (proposed by Kevin Standlee and others and gaining a lot of attention and support in recent weeks), may very well prevent EPH from being ratified at this year’s Business Meeting.

My personal recommendation(s) are that: EPH be ratified with an amendment (if allowed under the By-Laws) such as a sunset clause that would stop the use of EPH once a more effective and more transparent anti-slate methodology is developed.  I also strongly encourage the adoption of SRV, either the pure version or SRV +1 and (again if possible under the By-Laws) take a vote to put SRV into effect for next year (2017) by either voting to suspend the need for ratification or by putting it into practice provisionally, pending ratification.

I’m also working on language for a proposal myself – one requesting that a preamble be added to every Hugo ballot, that states that campaigning and slating, while not technically illegal under the rules is greatly frowned upon by the community.

So.  Go vote, if you are eligible.  Read, watch and listen to the Finalist entries (don’t forget the Retro Hugos!); decide whether or not you wish to support the gaming of the awards, pick those works worthy of a Hugo and then make your picks.  Regardless of how you are voting, please do so in a manner that does not leave you regretting your choices when all is said and done.

PRESS RELEASES & NEWSLETTERS (full text included)

Harlan Ellison Books (Harlan has circled the sun one more time); Pandemonium Book News; Planetary Resources (kills one reward, announces funds for a new project); This week in OMNI magazine; Solars Books new Release

Jason Davis, your editor, here to acknowledge the 82nd birthday of our esteemed author, and to update you all on Ellison book matters.
If you’re reading this within minutes of it arriving in your inbox, know that I’m at Harlan’s side right now, wishing him a happy 82nd birthday and finalizing the contents of THE LAST PERSON TO MARRY A DUCK LIVED 300 YEARS AGO. I must confess that I found a few more essays I wanted to include, so the slight delay will result in you getting more content for your money.

My thanks to EVERYone who’s reserved their copies of BRAIN MOVIES 7 and DUCK over the last few weeks.

For those who have asked, YES, the books will be available separately after the initial two-book release has been shipped to all the reservations.

Brain Movies 7
Cover photo by William Rotsler
Cover photo by Steve Barber
Reserve a Set for ME!
We will begin billing the pre-orders very soon—I hope—within the next week. The billing will be done in groups, so if your Ellisonian friends get billed before you do, it’s probably because their e-mail was higher on my list.

If you’ve popped by in the last couple days, you’ll have noticed that I surreptitiously announced that the sixty pages of bonus BRAIN MOVIES 7 content for those who pre-order will be Harlan’s unfinished motion picture adaption of his first novel WEB OF THE CITY; it’s called Rumble, as the book was known when this movie—which was to have starred Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello—was in development. It’s a very interesting adaptation and illustrates that Harlan was not averse to having a little fun with his own source material.

Within the next few days, I’ll be announcing the bonus material for DUCK, as well as the final, expanded, table of contents.

In related news, is pleased to announce the paperback reissue of CAN & CAN’TANKEROUS!

It will be available for $24.99 when BRAIN MOVIES 7 and DUCK are released…and, in honor of Harlan’s birthday, anyone who wants to add a copy of CAN & CAN’TANKEROUS to their BM7/DUCK order, may do so for the discounted price of $19.99.

Click HERE to add a copy of C&C to your existing reservation
If you’re adding this onto an existing order PLEASE!!! enter the same name and e-mail address you used for your BM7/DUCK reservation, so I can make sure you’re billed appropriately when the time comes. (We’ll also be figuring the shipping costs once we have a proof to weigh.)

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back when billing/shipping is imminent.

Thank you again for your support of this endeavor; we couldn’t do it without you.

Jason Davis

Copyright © 2016, All rights reserved.


Pandemonium Book News

The Latest and Greatest in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature

In this newsletter you’ll find:

Book Review: “Library” Books
Upcoming Local Events
June New Releases

Book Review: Books Featuring Magical Libraries

The Invisible Library, by Genevieve Cogman
Paperback, $15.00
Available June 14

Cover of The Invisible LibraryI’ve been excitedly looking forward to the U.S. release of The Invisible Library since my friends in the U.K. started raving about it last year. Magic, library… that’s really all it takes to pique my interest.

Irene works for a library that collects books from many different worlds. She is sent out on missions to retrieve rare books, while also dealing with the inevitable politics of bureaucracy.

But not all assignments are what they seem. Irene is tasked with mentoring a new librarian on a mission that turns out to have unexpected and potentially fatal competition.

With an interesting approach to magic and a rich cast of characters, The Invisible Library is a quick, enjoyable read in the spirit of Genrenauts.

The Library at Mount Char, by Scott Hawkins
Paperback, $16.00

Cover of The Library at Mount CharI am not generally a fan of horror, but The Library at Mount Char manages to walk a fine between fantasy and horror in a way that did not turn me away.

Adopted into the Library at a young age by a cruel, godlike “Father,” Carolyn has lived apart from humanity long enough to lose much of what made her human. When Father goes missing, his ancient and mighty enemies look to take over the Library and its dangerous secrets.

The mythology is fascinating, the view of dysfunctional families bleak, and the plot twists and turns keep you on your toes in just the right way. This was not at all the book I was expecting—and I am delighted.

The Forbidden Library, by Django Wexler
Paperback, $8.99

Cover of The Forbidden LibraryWhen a reviewer describes a book as a cross between Diana Wynne Jones and Lemony Snicket, I am both dubious and immediately sold.

And it is an apt description. While officially a middle-grade novel, it suits the adult market in the same way as Jones.

When young Alice’s father dies suddenly, she is whisked off to live with a mysterious uncle she’s never heard of. Cue large empty house with unseen servants and scowling adults.

Eventually Alice finds her way into the library, meets a talking cat, argues with a sorcerer, and falls into a book of monsters that she has to fight her way out of. Once she survives this trial, she is caught in a web of adults and magical creatures who are all lying to her as she tries to master her newfound powers and find out who killed her father—and why.

This is the sort of book I was always looking for when I was younger, and I am happy to find it now. It navigates tropes with a deft hand and keeps you engaged even if not challenged.


Local Events

Light Sword Battle Boston
May 28, 8:00–11:00 p.m.
Boston Common

A Fan-Run, Charitable Event to Benefit Make-A-Wish Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Join a massive battle of space wizards vs. space warlocks in Boston. Pick a side and use that venerable, ancient, glowing tool: the light sword, in the ultimate nocturnal showdown.

June 23 through 26, 2016
Portland, Maine

PortConMaine is Maine’s first, longest running, and largest convention celebrating the hobbies that enrich our lives. Join us for a celebration of geek culture interests including anime, gaming, science fiction, costuming, fantasy, video gaming, boffer combat, comics, pop culture, steampunk, and more.

Readercon 27
Thursday, July 7, through  Sunday, July 10
Quincy, Mass.
GOH: Catherynne M. Valente and Tim Powers

Although Readercon is modeled on science fiction conventions, there is no art show, no costumes, no gaming, and almost no media. Instead, Readercon features a near-total focus on the written word.

The program consists of two tracks each of panel discussions, author readings, and solo talks or discussion groups, plus kaffeeklatsches (intimate gatherings with an author) and autograph signings.


Upcoming June Releases

Covers of Babylon's Ashes, Allegiance of Honor, and The Nightmare Stacks
Mycroft Holmes Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem  $14.95 (pb)
Straight Silver Abnett, Dan  $16.00 (pb)
Wastelands 2: More Stories of the Apocalypse Adams, John Joseph  $ 8.99 (pb)
The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF 2015: Volume 2 Afsharirad, David  $16.00 (pb)
Shutter Alameda, Courtney  $10.99 (pb)
Blood In the Water: Destroyermen Anderson, Taylor  $27.00 (hc)
Three Faces of Asprin Asprin, Robert  $16.00 (pb)
Crimson Vol. 2 Augustyn, Brian  $39.99 (hc)
Red Queen Aveyard, Victoria  $10.99 (pb)
Chaos Queen Duskfall B. Husberg, Christopher  $14.95 (pb)
The Medusa Chronicles Baxter, Stephen  $26.99 (hc)
The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume Two Genocide, Alien Harvest Bischoff, David  $ 9.99 (pb)
Descendant: The Complete Nikki Glass Series Black, Jenna  $23.99 (pb)
The King Slayer Boecker, Virginia  $17.99 (hc)
Tracer: A Thriller Set in Space Boffard, Rob  $ 9.99 (pb)
Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: Invasion Bonansinga, Jay  $15.99 (pb)
The Unnoticeables Brockway, Robert  $14.99 (pb)
The Suicide Motor Club Buehlman, Christopher  $26.00 (hc)
Death Follows Bunn, Cullen  $17.99 (pb)
Waypoint Kangaroo Chen, Curtis C.  $25.99 (hc)
Stories of Your Life and Others Chiang, Ted  $16.00 (pb)
Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator Christian, Claudia  $26.99 (hc)
The Invisible Library Cogman, Genevieve  $15.00 (pb)
Sweet Ruin Cole, Kresley  $ 7.99 (pb)
Babylon’s Ashes Corey, James S. A.  $27.00 (hc)
Legacies: Captain to Captain Cox, Greg  $ 7.99 (pb)
Fireborn Dalglish, David  $14.99 (pb)
Undead and Unforgiven Davidson, MaryJanice  $ 7.99 (pb)
Saint’s Blood de Castell, Sebastien  $26.99 (hc)
Silent Hall Dolkart, NS  $ 7.99 (pb)
Mash Up Dozois, Gardner  $14.95 (pb)
Death’s Bright Day Drake, David  $26.00 (hc)
Man from Atlantis Duffy, Patrick G.  $16.00 (pb)
In the Shadow of the Gods Dunne, Rachel  $15.99 (pb)
A Green and Ancient Light Durbin, Frederic S.  $24.99 (hc)
Shadow Rider Feehan, Christine  $ 7.99 (pb)
Nova Fortune, Margaret  $ 7.99 (pb)
Battlefront: Twilight Company Star Wars Freed, Alexander  $ 9.99 (pb)
Endgame: Sky Key Frey, James  $10.99 (pb)
Endgame: The Complete Zero Line Chronicles Frey, James  $ 9.99 (pb)
Neverwhere: Author’s Preferred Text Gaiman, Neil  $15.99 (pb)
Neil Gaiman’s How to Talk to Girls at Parties Gaiman, Neil  $17.99 (hc)
New Pompeii Godfrey, Daniel  $14.95 (pb)
Warcraft Official Movie Novelization Golden, Christie  $ 7.99 (pb)
Rise: A Newsflesh Collection Grant, Mira  $25.00 (hc)
DR. DOA Green, Simon R.  $27.00 (hc)
From a Drood to A Kill Green, Simon R.  $ 7.99 (pb)
Death Masks Greenwood, Ed  $27.95 (hc)
The Fifty Year Mission: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek: The First 25 Years Gross, Edward  $29.99 (hc)
Echoes of the Long War Guymer, David  $17.50 (hc)
Death of the Old World Haley, Guy  $19.00 (pb)
Crimson Death Hamilton, Laurell K.  $28.00 (hc)
The Gospel of Loki Harris, Joanne M.  $15.99 (pb)
The Weaver’s Lament Haydon, Elizabeth  $25.99 (hc)
Devastating Hate Heitz, Markus  $14.99 (pb)
Empire of Dust Herman, Eleanor  $19.99 (hc)
The Sword of Midras Hickman, Tracy  $24.99 (hc)
Ghostbusters Holder, Nancy  $ 9.99 (pb)
Spells of Blood and Kin: A Dark Fantasy Humphrey, Claire  $25.99 (hc)
Mystical Cats in Secret Places: A Cat Lover’s Coloring Book Ibardolaza, Honoel A.  $13.95 (pb)
Independence Day: Resurgence: The Official Movie Novelization Irvine, Alex  $ 7.99 (pb)
The Invasion of the Tearling Johansen, Erika  $14.99 (pb)
The Perdition Score Kadrey, Richard  $25.99 (hc)
Born of Legend Kenyon, Sherrilyn  $28.99 (hc)
Lisey’s Story King, Stephen  $17.00 (pb)
The Dark Half King, Stephen  $ 9.99 (pb)
The Marked Girl Klingele, Lindsey  $17.99 (hc)
The Big Sheep Kroese, Robert  $25.99 (hc)
Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge Krueger, Paul  $14.99 (pb)
Damnos Kyme, Nick  $17.00 (pb)
A Study in Sable Lackey, Mercedes  $27.00 (hc)
From a High Tower Lackey, Mercedes  $ 7.99 (pb)
False Hearts Lam, Laura  $24.99 (hc)
The Wheel of Osheim: The Red Queen’s War Lawrence, Mark  $27.00 (hc)
Night’s Master Lee, Tanith  $ 7.99 (pb)
Ninefox Gambit Lee, Yoon Ha  $ 9.99 (pb)
Power Up Leth, Kate  $19.99 (pb)
The Fate of Ten Lore, Pittacus  $ 9.99 (pb)
United as One Lore, Pittacus  $18.99 (hc)
Hot Lead, Cold Iron Marmell, Ari  $ 7.99 (pb)
Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories Mieville, China  $16.00 (pb)
Last Night, a Superhero Saved My Life: Neil Gaiman, Jodi Picoult, Brad Meltzer, and an All Star Roster on the Caped Crusaders That Changed Their Lives Mignogna, Liesa  $25.99 (hc)
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder Mille, James De  $13.00 (pb)
The Zodiac Legacy Moore, Stuart  $ 7.99 (pb)
52 Book 1 Morrison, Grant  $29.99 (pb)
Biting Bad Neill, Chloe  $ 7.99 (pb)
The Seascape Tattoo Niven, Larry  $25.99 (hc)
League of Dragons Novik, Naomi  $28.00 (hc)
 Myth Adventure Nye, Jody Lynn  $16.00 (pb)
Infomocracy Older, Malka Ann  $24.99 (hc)
Stiletto O’Malley, Daniel  $26.00 (hc)
Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser: Cloud of Hate and Other Stories O’Neil, Dennis  $17.99 (pb)
The Long Cosmos Pratchett, Terry  $25.99 (hc)
Pathfinder Tales: Liar’s Bargain Pratt, Tim  $14.99 (pb)
Like a Boss Rakunas, Adam  $ 7.99 (pb)
Return of Souls Remic, Andy  $12.99 (pb)
Stormwalker Revell, Mike  $16.99 (hc)
Harry Potter: The Artifact Vault Revenson, Jody  $45.00 (hc)
Black Tide Rising Ringo, John  $26.00 (hc)
Escape from Asylum Roux, Madeleine  $17.99 (hc)
Queen of Fire Ryan, Anthony  $18.00 (pb)
Wasteland King Saintcrow, Lilith  $14.99 (pb)
Orbs Sansbury Smith, Nicholas  $12.99 (pb)
Galactic Games Schmidt, Bryan Thomas  $16.00 (pb)
Frankenstein: Or The Modern Prometheus Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft  $19.99 (pb)
Allegiance of Honor Singh, Nalini  $27.00 (hc)
Hope & Red Skovron, Jon  $ 9.99 (pb)
The Annihilation Score Stross, Charles  $ 7.99 (pb)
The Nightmare Stacks Stross, Charles  $27.00 (hc)
Fables: The Wolf Among Us Vol. 2 Sturges, Matthew  $19.99 (pb)
Age of Myth Sullivan, Michael J.  $26.00 (hc)
An Affinity for Steel: The Aeon’s Gate Omnibus Sykes, Sam  $19.99 (pb)
The Michael Moorcock Library Elric, Vol. 4: : The Vanishing Tower Thomas, Roy  $19.99 (hc)
The Bookman Tidhar, Lavie  $ 9.99 (pb)
The Best of Star Wars Insider Volume 2 Titan  $19.99 (pb)
Independence Day: Volume 1 TITAN COMICS  $14.99 (pb)
Disappearance at Devil’s Rock Tremblay, Paul  $25.99 (hc)
The Unnaturalists Trent, Tiffany  $ 7.99 (pb)
Bombs Away: The Hot War Turtledove, Harry  $ 9.99 (pb)
Icon Valentine, Genevieve  $24.99 (hc)
Escapology Warom, Ren  $14.95 (pb)
A Taste of Blood Wine Warrington, Freda  $ 8.99 (pb)
Burn Weston, Paula  $ 9.99 (pb)
The Price of Valor Wexler, Django  $ 7.99 (pb)
Buffy: The High School Years Freaks & Geeks Whedon, Joss  $10.99 (pb)
Judge Dredd: Titan Williams, Rob  $19.99 (pb)
A Long Time Until Now Williamson, Michael Z  $ 7.99 (pb)
Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons & Dragons Witwer, Michael  $17.00 (pb)
The Binding Wolff, Nicholas  $16.00 (pb)
Anti Hero Wood, Jonathan  $ 8.99 (pb)
Super Extra Grande Yoss  $15.99 (pb)
A Call to Duty Zahn, Timothy  $ 7.99 (pb)
The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams Zaleski, Philip  $17.00 (pb)
Mechanical Failure Zieja, Joe  $14.99 (pb)
Mechanical Failure Zieja, Joe  $24.99 (hc)
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Planetary Resources Raises $21.1 Million In Series A Funding; Unveils Advanced Earth Observation Capability

Space-based multi-sensor platform will better manage and

increase humanity’s access to natural resources

Redmond, Washington – May 26, 2016 – Planetary Resources, Inc., the asteroid mining company, announced today that it has secured US$21.1 million in Series A funding. The capital will be used to deploy and operate Ceres, an advanced Earth observation business that features the first commercial infrared and hyperspectral sensor platform to better understand and manage humanity’s natural resources. The funding was led by Bryan Johnson and the OS FUND; and joined by Idea Bulb Ventures; Tencent; Vast Ventures; Grishin Robotics; Conversion Capital; The Seraph Group; Space Angels Network, a syndication of investors from; and Larry Page. Earth observation will be another aspect of Planetary Resources’ operations in addition to prospecting and mining asteroids.

Conceived from the company’s vision for the exploration and utilization of asteroid resources, Ceres will leverage Planetary Resources’ Arkyd spacecraft to deliver affordable, on-demand Earth intelligence of our natural resources on any spot on the planet. While typical satellite imagery provides only a picture, Ceres will provide actionable data with higher spectral resolutions – going beyond what the human eye can see – by measuring thermographic properties and detecting the composition of materials on Earth’s surface. The midwave-infrared sensor is the first ever commercial capability from space to offer thermographic mapping and night-imaging, and the hyperspectral sensor includes an unprecedented 40 color bands in the visible to near-infrared spectrum.

The imaging technology is integrated onto the Arkyd spacecraft and deployed as a constellation of 10 satellites in low-Earth orbit. The constellation will provide global monitoring capability to benefit multiple industries including agriculture, oil & gas, water quality, financial intelligence and forestry. Ceres can analyze the spectral signatures of crops and provide customized information to growers, identify energy and mineral resources, and monitor pipelines and remote infrastructure. The system can also track toxic algae blooms, monitor global water quality and enable the detection of wildfires in their earliest stages.

Planetary Resources is currently testing Ceres’ sensor platform and will demonstrate the technology in space with an upcoming scheduled launch of the company’s Arkyd 6 spacecraft onboard a Space X Falcon 9 rocket. The mission will validate the thermographic sensor and supporting technologies for the Arkyd series of spacecraft.

“As we continue toward our vision of the expansion of humanity and our economy into the Solar System, our team has been working on the critical technologies required to detect and identify the most commercially viable near-Earth asteroids and their resources,” said Chris Lewicki, President and CEO, Planetary Resources, Inc. “To characterize these resources, it required more than just a picture, and our team has developed advanced spectral sensors to serve this need.  We have also created new technologies for onboard computing, low-cost space platforms, and are now applying these transformative technologies in additional markets.”

Bryan Johnson, Founder of OS Fund and Board of Director member at Planetary Resources, Inc., said, “With Ceres, Planetary Resources has leapfrogged traditional imagers for monitoring Earth’s natural resources, creating far-ranging opportunity.  It’s a seismic shift for the new space economy.”

James Crawford, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Orbital Insight, Inc. said, “When Planetary Resources’ Ceres constellation is complete, it will transform the ability to monitor, model and manage global commodities and provide visibility across all major industrial supply chains.”

Liam Condon, CEO, Bayer CropScience said, “The highly innovative and cost-effective technology Planetary Resources is deploying has the potential to transform activities that were once confined to the laboratory into everyday use, as growers increasingly rely on data-driven tools and new technologies to inform their business decisions.”

Jim Hollis, CEO, Neos GeoSolutions said, “We are very excited about Planetary Resources’ new infrared and hyperspectral imagery system. This promises to be a powerful new component to our energy exploration system.”

For more information on Planetary Resources’ Ceres, please visit


Planetary Resources, Inc., the asteroid mining company, was founded in 2009 by Eric Anderson and Dr. Peter H. Diamandis. The company’s vision is to establish a new paradigm for resource utilization that will bring the Solar System within humanity’s economic sphere of influence. The pathway in identifying the most commercially viable near-Earth water-rich asteroids has led to the development of multiple transformative technologies that are applicable to global markets, including the agriculture, oil & gas, mining and insurance industries.

Planetary Resources is financed by industry-launching visionaries who are committed to expanding the world’s resource base so humanity can continue to grow and prosper for centuries to come. Some of the company’s partners and advisors include 3D Systems, the Bechtel Corporation and Analytical Graphics Incorporated; Sara Seager, Ph.D., professor of Planetary Science & Physics at MIT and TED fellow; Dante Lauretta, Ph.D., professor of Planetary Science at the University of Arizona and principal investigator of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission; Anatoly Gitelson, Ph.D., Emeritus Remote Sensing Specialist, University of Nebraska’s School of Natural Resources, now with Israel Institute of Technology, Technion; and Susan Ustin, Ph.D., professor of Environmental and Resources Sciences, University of California, Davis. Members of the company’s technical staff have worked on every recent U.S. Mars lander including Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity, and include other key non-aerospace and safety-critical disciplines. For more information, please visit

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Q&A with Candace Pert on
The Molecules of Emotion
This extraordinary interview with neuroscientist Candace Pert by the journalist Judith Hooper takes us back to the the discovery of the opiate receptor, which binds to natural joy-inducing, pain-reducing molecules — the endorphins. Pert’s pioneering work established the reality of the mind-body connection and revolutionized psychopharmacology and brain science.


They’re Made Out of Meat
by Terry Bisson
Ever since Enrico Fermi first stated his famous paradox, we’ve
wondered why we haven’t heard from the aliens — if they’re really out there. Maybe this is the answer.

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I’m delighted to share with you some big news for Rebellion Publishing this afternoon, as Solaris unveils its first ever non-fiction title: Generation Decks: the Unofficial Story of Gaming Phenomenon Magic: The Gathering.

An affectionate, enthralling and superbly written account of the rise and rise of the world’s biggest trading card game, Generation Decks is written by lifelong Magic: The Gathering fan and journalist Titus Chalk.

Part geek history, part biography, Generation Decks tells the true story of how a trading card game conquered the world, and is coming from Solaris in April 2017.

There will be plenty of interview opportunities with Titus, and if you’d like to be on the list for an ARC please let me know.

Please find a press release, cover and picture of the author here.

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