2016 Hugo Award (& 1941 Retro Hugo Award) Nominations Now Open

It’s time to nominate!

If you are an eligible voter for MIdAmericonII, you may now download ballots and start making your picks.

As BigMac’s nomination page makes clear – It is OK to leave blanks.

In other words:  don’t leave the entire ballot blank just because you don’t feel qualified or knowledgeable enough to fill out the entire ballot.

Don’t know how to pick Best Editors for short and long form?  Leave it blank.  Send it in with the rest of your nominations.

Can’t nominate more than three novels?  Leave the other two slots blank and send in your ballot.

Only feel comfortable nominating films for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form:  Fill out that section and send in your ballot.

Don’t have a clue about the fan awards or the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (not a Hugo):  fill out the other sections and SEND IN YOUR BALLOT.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Vote for yourself.  Do not take marching orders from slates.  If a work you want to nominate IS on a slate – check with the creator to find out if they want to be listed on that slate.  Most potential nominees DO NOT WANT TO BE ON SLATES because they recognize that slates water down the vote and can disenfranchise works later on in the process.  No one wants a tainted award.  If a potential nominee is on a slate and doesn’t want to be, please inform them and ask them to be public about their desires.  Then vote your conscience.

One more year of the slate BS folks.

OTHER SPECIAL NOTE:  There are resources here and elsewhere to assist readers in finding eligible works for the 1941 Retro Hugo Awards (that are for works published in 1940).,


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