Sasq-Watch: Sasquan’s Daily Newzine: Issue 1

Sasq-Watch, the daily newzine from Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention

For those unable to attend Worldcon (or those attending looking for an easy way to stay abreast of all the Worldcon news), we bring you Sasq-Watch, Sasquan’s daily newsletter.

Daily fanzines are a long-time tradition of Worldcon – sometimes a few pranksters even manage to slip in a hoax issue or two.

Of particular note in Sasq-Watch Issue 1: GoH David Gerrold’s suggestion that every attendee say hello and strike up a conversation with someone they don’t know, and, instructions on how to behave while attending a panel. (You’d think such would be unnecessary these days, but sadly, the opposite is true.)

Enjoy. Get a feel for Worldcon and keep up with the latest happenings. (You can view the original presentation HERE on

issue_1 (1)

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