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The final results are in: here’s what voters think will happen tonight.

Several days ago we posted a poll asking folks what they thought was going to happen at this year’s Hugo Award ceremony.

The presentation was a bit tongue-in-cheek and received a few negative comments, with a handful of readers claiming they’d cancel their membership here at Amazing Stories and would “never visit the site again!” because they found the poll so offensive.

Others admitted that there was a bit of humor that might not appeal to everyone, but that they found the poll options fair and reasonable, while still others thought it was a good job, stating that they appreciated the opportunity to get a look at what fandom is thinking.

We’ve now closed the poll on the DAY OF and are pleased to report that we received 545 entries.  Here’s what they look like:

The Hugoing 2015 – Pups vs Noa Ward

Shut Up Shut Up SHUT UP! Don’t care anymore! (Hands over ears) Lalalalalalalala 6.97%  (38 votes)
Tananarive and David Make a Cute Couple 4.77%  (26 votes)
Fastest Hugo Ceremony in History – No Award Wins in All Slate Categories, Puppy Nominees Below No Award in the Rest 34.13% (186 votes)
Puppy Adoption Day! Slate Nominees Vindicated with Wins in All Slate Categories 7.89% (43 votes)
The Hugos Are Like A Box Of Chocolates – Some No Awards, Some Puppy Wins
 46.24% (252 votes)

So what does this mean?

Well, to be blunt, all it really means is that the people who bothered to vote, voted this particular way.  We can’t really draw any solid conclusion from these results other than:

those who voted overwhelmingly believe that the Puppy slates will not fare very well.  More than 1/3rd of respondents believe that it will be a sweep for legitimate nominees and No Award, while nearly 50% (46.24) believe that the results will be mixed.

An astounding 80.37% of respondents believe that the awards will not present the puppies with anything resembling a clear-cut victory.

Similarly, less than 8% of respondents are looking for a Puppy win.

One can hope that the actual voting constituency resembles those who voted for this poll.  If that is the case, be prepared for a near total rejection of the puppy slates.

Here’s hoping!

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