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Interview with Pam Uphoff

This week I interviewed another who had taken a less than traditional approach to publishing, Pam Uphoff. Pam has 12 titles on Amazon that I count, and I have been reading her excellent series Wine of the Gods, which begins with Outcasts and Gods. If you love reading strong stories, with great characters, a lovely, […]


  1. So are we talking 12:00 AM EST on July 1st (as in a bunch of authors stay up late, rubbing their hands with gleeful anticipation), or some other point in time after that (meaning that a bunch of authors toss and turn in bed instead)?

    1. Jeremy – I emailed and asked the same question. The former – we all take our stimulants of choice and race to the finish line at 00:00:00EST.

      1. Several hundred starving SFF authors (polished stories in hand), lots of caffeine, the tightest of deadlines….

        It’s a race!

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