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70s art

Everyone has their “science fiction era”, the decade in and around whatever their personal Golden Age of Science Fiction was (usually somewhere around ten or 12 years old as the saying goes).  For some of us it was the 1930s (though sadly few who can make this claim remain among us);  for others, the 40s or 50s.  For me, the 60s and for still others, the 70s (and of course later decades, but those who came later are still having issues with lawns and not walking on them).

Book covers can easily spark a wave of deep nostalgia for ones natal decade.  For those who grew up in the age of Star Wars, and particularly those who viewed books supplied by British publishers, the 70s Sci-Fi Art website is a wonderful trip into the past.

There aren’t all that many words over there, but there are book cover images – scads of them – and many that, while carrying familiar author names and book titles sport unfamiliar art from the likes of Chris Foss, Dean Ellis, not to mention the mainstays you might be more familiar with – Berkey, Whelan and more.

Treat yourself to a tour through the Disco era – science fiction style – at 70s Sci-Fi Art (individual collections by different artists can be accessed through the menu.)


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