WORLDCON NEWS: Updates From Loncon3

featured loncon3Thanks again to our poet-in-residence Diane Severson for filling in for Ray Palmer at the Retro Hugo Awards ceremony the other night.  Diane reports that she was disappointed that Ray didn’t win (though no one really expected anyone bu John W. Campbell Jr. to take home the Best Editor honors), enjoyed the chance to dress up for the ceremony and had a fun time hanging with Mary Robinette Kowal and Connie Willis.  Diane also posted a photo from Loncon with Tony Smith and the Sofanauts on Facebook.

Kevin Standlee reports that videos of the preliminary business meeting are now available  Kevin also reports that all seven proposals have been passed through to the regular business meeting.

File 770 Reports that the Paris in 2023 bid is a no show…and that several former members of the bid have resigned.

File 770 also has photos of the Fan Village set up at Loncon3 (looks like great fun!) and the results of the Chesley Awards.

The Guardianhas pretty decently respectful coverage of the con (though a bit heavy on the costuming and freakiness…)

hugos bdayKeep up with hourly posts on their Facebook page – which just so happens to include a birthday wish for Hugo Gernsback, who was born on August 16, 1884.  Happy Birthday Hugo!

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Twittering From Worldcon

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