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New Fiction: The Quantum Error by Michael Kurland – this Wednesday

Teaser for the upcoming short story by Michael Kurland - The Quantum Error, illustrated by Al Sirois.

10 Black Science Fiction/ Fantasy Works That Need A Netflix Adaptation

Here are ten Black SFF works that need the Netflix treatment


Some fans don’t like old black-and-white movies. This one, while not without a certain charm, may be part of the reason. Or not... you decide!

Los enredos burocráticos de “Iménez” de Noriega

A review of the re-issued novel by Colombian author Luis Noriega - Iménez

Review: The Earliest Bradbury

This volume is focused on Bradbury’s early work and activities that have previously been unavailable to most readers, including 120+ articles, stories, drawings and references from a variety of early fan publications

Anime roundup 8/6/2020: Kids These Days

In this week's viewing: Re:ZERO's hero should have appreciated his parents, Deca-Dence's heroine won't listen to her elders, and more!