AMAZING THINGS: Catherine Asaro’s Kickstarter Project

Catherine Asaro is trying for a stretch goal on Kickstarter. Give it a hand!

Catherine Asaro’s Kickstarter project is just about at its end.  It’s surpassed its goal (woo hoo!) and is now heading into stretch goal territory, so why not pop on over and drop a few dollars on her head?

Why?  Because this project is to create an audiobook of her short story collection Aurora In Four Voices, which has a Nebula winning short in it!

Why? Because if they reach their stretch goal, Catherine will write a NEW story.

Why? Because Catherine has already contributed so much to our genre (SFWA VP & President), not to mention serving with SIGMA, inspiring us all with great fiction, music AND dance and deserves your support.

Why?  Because multi-award winning author Catherine Asaro is living proof that women CAN write hard science fiction with, you know, physics and math and stuff in it.  AWARD winning hard science fiction.

Why?  Because we here at Amazing Stories think Catherine-is-Cool, and so should you.

If those aren’t sufficient reasons, then the answer to the question is: Great Fiction.  Duh.

Check out the Kickstarter program for Aurora In Four Voices. There’s only three days to go!

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