Friday Fanzine: SFSF

Says editor Jean Martin: Science Fiction/San Francisco is a monthly news zine covering all areas of fandom in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We report on events, conventions and balls in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, anime, Steampunk, history and science and in the costuming, cosplay, faire, vintage dance and art communities. Founded by Jack Avery in July 2005, and co-edited by Chris Garcia and Jean Martin from October 2005 until December 2009, the zine is now edited by Jean Martin with assistance from Christopher Erickson, Tom Becker and numerous talented writers, photographers and artists.

(Ed. Note: Our method for displaying PDF documents within our pages sometimes reduces image quality and may also affect text presentation. This does not reflect the quality of the original publication, which can be viewed offline by clicking on the link below.)


As always, SFinSF and many other fine fanzines are available for your perusal at and the Canadian Science Fiction Fanzine Archive.

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