Fan Survey: Are You A Fan? What Kind?

A fan survey in support of diversity

Mary_Robinette_Kowal_at_2008_Nebula_AwardsMary Robinette Kowal, JW Campbell Award winner, former SFWA officer, magazine art director, fan, puppeteer and author of some very excellent stories has published a Fan Survey in response to all of the diverse diversity discussions taking place here, there and just about everywhere fannish.

I just took the survey.  If you consider yourself to be a fan – however remote you think your affiliation may be – I urge you to take it as well.  A few short minutes, a few simple, non-identifying questions later and the NSA, Google and Apple will know more about SFF Fans in the aggregate than they ever dreamed possible.  Not that it will do them any good.  Fans have this way of changing over time….

Kidding aside:  if we’re going to discuss diversity, the lack thereof and the means needed to rectify such, we really ought to have as good a picture of where we’re at RIGHT NOW as we can put together.  Maybe things won’t turn out to be as bad as some suggest.  Maybe they won’t be nearly as good as we’d like.  Most likely, the results will fall somewhere between those two extremes.  But let’s find out for sure.  Give the survey a go.

To read Mary’s original announcement, go here.  To take the survey itself, go here.

And, if you must (no cheating) go here to see the currently tabulated results.


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