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Very Cool websites you should visit – after reading Amazing Stories

Two sites today – Foes of Reality and Science Prophet.

These two sites are wildly divergent so far as content is concerned, but they both feature subjects that will be of interest to fans.

science prophet logoScience Prophet‘s self-described mission: “Science Prophet is a nonprofit, digital community, facilitating thought and discussion on scientific and technological developments and their impacts on civilization, both now and in the future.”

SP is a community.  Their content falls right into line with my contention that while the primary purpose of science fiction is to provide entertainment of a particular variety (entertainment for smart, engaged, creative people), it’s other purpose is to serve as our guidebook to where the future could go and maybe even give us some ideas on where it ought to go.

Foes-Banner-test-bFoes of Reality takes off from where the T-shirt slogan “I reject your reality and substitute my own” left off.

To begin with, you just can’t go wrong (at least in my opinion which carries a fair amount of weight around here, even if it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in any other gin joint in the world) with a logo banner that features a ray gun.  Ray Guns Rule.  Period.   So do robots, dragons, spaceships, eldritch powers and, seemingly, just about anything that the FoR team of Dan, Steven and Miranda turn their attention to.

The site features coverage of everything fannish, geeky and nerdy, from film to games, from books to science.

When you’re done reading through the daily offerings at Amazing Stories, just click on over to Foes of Reality, your fan-fix will continue unabated.

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