The Battle For The Throne

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So I have finally caught up with Game of Thrones. Something I have finally bumped up from my to watch list to watch list. Through the first season I found myself using it as my background show whilst I was up to something else. But as I’ve made my way to the third season I find myself putting my laptop down and giving it my full attention. The latest episode (Second Sons) was really exciting as we saw Arya closer to being reunited with her mother and brother and Daenerys now has her army and the support of the Second Sons and the poor Sansa had to marry Tyrion.

I’m wondering if Daenerys is going to find herself a new husband in Daario Naharis – before anyone starts telling me what does or doesn’t happen, I haven’t read the novels. I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels and love True Blood, but think I would enjoy the series more and the steer it has gone in if I hadn’t read the books so have decided not to read the Game of Thrones books. I’m sure I will read them after I’ve seen the series as I hear they are a must read. Back to the TV series, there are only two episodes left of the series so, sadly now I have caught up with a mega marathon over the last few weeks I am about to fall into a void of no Game of Thrones. So alas, I need to find another some to fill my time. I am hearing great things about the Vikings so that will probably be the next show I visit.

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