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Earlier this week we warned you that today Amazing Stories would be teasing the heck out of you and everyone else in the science fiction world.  That is at the very least, those fans of the science fiction world that put Star Trek, Dr. Who, Star Wars and a few other unmentionable (at this time) iconic properties on a pedestal.

Come to think of it, that’s probably most of the science fiction world.  A world that will soon have yet another reason to debate important philosophical conundrums, such as “Who would win in a dogfight – the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon?”, or “Which is the more acceptable Deus ex Machina – Star Trek’s hand-waving or Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver?” – or even “Who is most likely to take over the galaxy first – The Klingons or the Daleks?”

Yes, I’m stalling for time here.  Creating the build. Pleasurably frustrating you all, trying to work that burning antici- (wait for it!)

pation!  (Crowd pleaser courtesy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, cause if you don’t think camp comes into play here you’re in the wrong theater.)  I’m waiting for that special moment when you all just can’t contain yourselves any longer and scream at the top of your lungs – “GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!”

Oh hey.  I see we’re there already.

David Gerrold, creator of Star Trek’s lovable Tribbles, raconteur, Facebook celeb and all-around funny guy has penned a comic script mashup of some of our favorite science fiction universes.  He’s got the characters down cold and he’s delivered a punchline that will make you howl with glee!  Or maybe groan over a meta-joke well-played.  Or maybe both – which just might hurt a little.

Troy Boyle, comic and pinup artist is bringing the whole thing to life in living, breathing color, and in just a few months you’ll all be able to fight over who is going to get their hands on the limited print editions.

But for now – T*Zers. Here’s the first concept sketches that Troy turned in, based on David’s script:

Images Copyright (c) 2013 Troy Boyle.  All Rights Reserved.
Images Copyright (c) 2013 Troy Boyle. All Rights Reserved.
Images Copyright (c) Troy Boyle 2013.  All Rights Reserved.
Images Copyright (c) 2013 Troy Boyle.. All Rights Reserved.

This first concept has been replaced by another…that we’ll share with you all this same Bat time, this same Bat channel, next week!  (No, I don’t think Batman makes an appearance in this one but hey, you never know!)

And now – complete with cliffhanger – the first reveal of




Full Page

The Enterprise rushes toward us from the darkness of space.


Kirk, balloon one: Scotty!

Kirk, balloon two, connected: We’re losing—

Kirk, balloon three, connected: –power!

Kirk, balloon four: What’s—

Kirk, balloon five: —happening?


Panel One – Insert Top Left.

Int. Corridor. Scotty, Kirk, Spock, racing toward us.

Scotty, balloon one: I feel a strange disturbance in the…

Scotty, balloon two, connected: transporter room!

That’s all for now.  Next week, another reveal and the new character concepts from Troy!

Doctor on the Enterprise script Copyright (c) 2013, David Gerrold, All Rights Reserved.

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